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Shopitize want you to have ‘a very happy Friday’

Shopitize want you to have ‘a very happy Friday
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Shopitize is a fun and easy way to earn exclusive rewards from your every shopping trip to the supermarket.

Our mission is to deliver as much reward and value exclusively to you on shopping as we can.

Company Overview
We started Shopitize just over two years ago. Since the beginning of this year, we have been running a trial with a number of leading supermarket brands in the UK. We have learnt a lot from our community of users who have supported us and given us some great ideas and feedback. Thanks to them, we have now a new version of the Shopitize app (available on iOS and Android) where you can earn rewards from a growing number of brands, while having fun in the process.

You can use Shopitize to earn rewards on top brands across major supermarkets. With cash rewards, you’re not limited to supermarket points, and you’re free to spend them on that new dress or your next holiday.

The more you use Shopitize, the more value you’ll unlock from shopping over time.

Join us now, and don’t forget to tell your friends.

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