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SMBs / Who else wants access to the big boy’s marketing toys? / James Critchley, cloud.IQ

by on June 16, 2013 in Apps, Apps & Software, Lead story, Media, Movers & Groovers, Small Business, Startups

Startup Stories: cloud.IQ – giving SMBs access to the big boy’s marketing toys

James Critchley recently spoke to Flinca’s blog on internet technology, mobile and start-up (everything cloud.IQ is passionate about!)  The blog reported why he left his job working for huge enterprises to set up cloud.IQ with the aim of giving SMBs access to the big boy’s marketing toys. Just over a year after James started on this venture, he looks back on the challenges he faced at the beginning, how he overcame them and the success cloud.IQ has had over the last 12 months.  Contact cloud.IQ

“I left the relative safety and security of a job within an established, successful company and decided to create a new start-up, based in London’s Tech City.

In my previous role I helped huge companies like B&Q, Vauxhall and BT run multichannel campaigns, making it easier for them to communicate with their customers using SMS, email and voice. I knew small and medium sized businesses across a range of industries would also benefit from this technology. However, existing systems were too complex and expensive for SMBs who also didn’t have the resources to run the systems.”


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