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Jon Davey says …An interactive overlay for the O2 North West Media Awards

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While researching how those in the media prefer to engage to maximise my news media engagements for, looking to find media professionals interested in its potential, I have established that Twitter would be a good media channel for saying hello…

I needed an opportunity to prove my theory and so decided to research the nominees for the O2 North West Media Awards and found that at least 85% of those involved have used Twitter at least once in the last 2 days! After researching the list it seemed an ideal opportunity to reinforce the value of both the maps & the interactive overlay I have come across by having some fun with both… glide over the image and see what happens… and then click on what pops up ;)

For even more fun join in our SOCIAL MEDIA COMPETITION: There are 3 nominees missing from the map below… name 1 that is missing by tweeting @onthisdayblog #missing and we’ll turn the spot light on you for 5 minutes… “EVERYONE A WINNER!”


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