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AudienceScience Launches Gateway MEDIA Direct, a major advancement in premium digital ad buying

Leading ad technology platform now offers unprecedented ability to combine best of premium, direct buying with that of programmatic buying.

AudienceScience® is pleased to announce the release of the latest version of its proprietary Gateway SaaS enterprise platform featuring Gateway MEDIA Direct. Direct enables large advertisers to buy programmatically on premium inventory without using a demand side or sell side platform. Direct is completely transparent and allows advertisers to maintain universal audience targeting and frequency capping.

“We believe that programmatic buying is an important capability in media and we’re always looking for our partners such as Audience Science to innovate in this area,” said Donna Bruce, Global Brand Building Purchasing, Procter & Gamble.

“Direct offers both the buyer and the seller unique advantages that bridge elements of programmatic, exchange-based buying with more traditional, direct buying, without the added cost of a sell side buying technology,” said Mike Peralta, AudienceScience CEO. “Now advertisers can benefit from universal frequency capping and consistent audience targeting—the major benefits of exchange-based buying—but still avail themselves of the high-touch familiarity of direct premium buying.”

With Direct, an advertiser can now buy ad impressions directly from a publisher and independently of any open-exchange bidding process. The price and the locations of the ad inventory are pre-arranged in an agreement between the publisher and the advertiser. Direct then works with the publisher Web site and ad server to pair the individual ad impressions that the advertiser wants and that the publisher wants to sell to them.



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