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“Today’s refreshing anti-gay beating brought to you by Coca-Cola!”

From, Tuesday 4 February 2014 The Olympic Games in Sochi begin Friday. Controversy and doubt swirl around these games, this abysmal excuse of “Olympic Spirit” we seem determined to celebrate this year, despite all the hate and stupidity and human rights violations they represent. Vladimir Putin, dictator of Russia in all but name, appears content to ignore the lessons of history – namely, that you cannot oppress a group of your own citizenry forever without them eventually rising up against you.

Unfortunately, the corporate sponsors of the games appear content to ignore it along with him. “Today’s refreshing anti-gay beating brought to you by Coca-Cola!”

“Visa goes everywhere you want to be, and takes you places you don’t want to be, like a gulag in Siberia if you support LBGTQ rights!”

“Watch all the colors of the action on your Panasonic or Samsung TV, but please don’t ask us about rainbow flags!”

“GE, we don’t just make your washers and dryers, we also wash our hands of the truth about bigotry and ignorance!”


Russian Response to Sochi Problems Goes Horribly, Horribly Wrong


MASHABLE.COM— The press arrived in Sochi this week for the Winter Olympics, and it did not go well. Tweets, photos and full-on articles told the world of shoddy, unfinished accommodations that gave Vladimir Putin’s Olympic Games a black eye before they’d even started. Russian officials remained largely mum as Sochi’s unfinished construction — rooms without doorhandles, toilets that can’t flush paper — became the story of the week that ends Friday with the Olympics’ opening ceremony.

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American Apparel Strikes Marketing Gold in Sochi

MASHABLE.COM— Could Sochi turn into a sea of bright red hoodies, scarves, beanies and duffel bags? If so, American Apparel may have pulled off one of the greatest ambush marketing campaigns in Olympics history. The Los Angeles-based brand, which has no official sponsorship ties to the upcoming winter events in Sochi, has launched a line of merchandise based on the Olympic charter’s Principle which states that “Sport does not discriminate on grounds of race, religion, politics, gender or otherwise.” Several activist groups recruited American Apparel and spearheaded the Principle 6 campaign, which has a heavy social media element, to protest Russia’s anti-gay laws.

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