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F&C Investments urges savvy ISA Investment with Direct Response Campaign

Marketing News … F&C Investments, has appointed direct response and relationship marketing agency WDMP (@curiousWDMP) to create a direct response campaign aiming to maximise funds deposited and customer return on investment through its ISA products before the tax year end on 5th April.

F&C chose WDMP to create the campaign as a result of the strategic approach that the agency developed, using a strong data segmentation strategy to identify the most effective targets on its database. Data forms the foundation of the campaign, which delivers personalised, relevant and impactful communications to the different behavioural and lifestyle groups identified.

The first phase of the campaign is aimed at F&C’s customer database and is being distributed via direct mail. The creative alerts the recipient to the 2014 ISA deadline with bold, red imagery and messaging as well as featuring, eye-catching, personalised messaging. The creative also features a call to action via either the F&C website or its UK customer call centre. This phase also includes acquisition banners that promote F&C’s free ‘Investment ISAs for Dummies’ Guide as a way of engaging prospects.

A second phase of campaign activity will be launched closer to the ISA deadline as a follow up.

Ross Duncton, Head of Direct Communications at F&C Investments, comments: “Making the most of annual ISA allowances is the foundation of intelligent savings, but the range in levels of consumer understanding is huge, particularly when it comes to investing.  We wanted to tailor our message and approach to the individuals that we are talking to – ensuring that F&C is their brand of choice, no matter what their experience  of investments.

WDMP’s insight and data led strategy, and subsequent creative approach, provides the perfect platform for us to do this.”

Gavin Wheeler, CEO at WDMP, adds, “With our expertise and passion for increasing customer engagement through data and insight, for this campaign we were curious about identifying and recognising investment needs of a financially astute audience. We wanted to ensure the communications that we developed strongly reflected and answered these needs in a personalised and relevant manner.”