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Movers and Groovers : Realeyes appoints Bill Jaris as President of North America


Realeyes appoints Bill Jaris as President of North America
Will grow “The Google of Emotions” in North America

New York, 24 March, 2014 Realeyes, @realeyesit an emotional analytics platform that measures how people feel while they view branded video content, has named Bill Jaris its first President of North America. Mr. Jaris will be based in New York, reporting to Realeyes CEO Mihkel Jäätma who is based in London, and will focus on accelerating the company’s growth in the North American market.

Realeyes video analytics are facilitated through regular web/mobile cameras to selected viewers who have explicitly consented to share their responses. Emotions are analysed in real-time to provide brands rich data around six basic emotions and physiological measures such as attention and heart rate. Realeyes’ platform is used by research entities like Ipsos and media platforms like AOL to make profitable marketing decisions for over 80 of Fortune’s 500 brands.

“Bill is one of the most accomplished digital analytics and advertising technology professionals in the whole industry with 20+ years of unparalleled experience in scaling up analytics start-ups across traditional and online media and within mobile technologies,” says Mr. Jäätma. “We are very pleased to have him lead our efforts in the U.S. and beyond.”

Mr. Jaris comes to Realeyes from Nielsen where he had been Director of Sales – Digital Platforms and Networks for a year. Before that, he was Senior Vice President Sales at Vizu, the advertising effectiveness measurement and data platforms which Nielsen acquired in 2012.

Earlier in his career, Mr. Jaris was New Business Development Director at Acerno Inc, the predictive marketing and e-commerce database company; Vice President and Director of Business Development at TACODA, the behavioural targeting company acquired by AOL; and Executive Vice President and founding member for @plan Inc, the pioneering internet market research company acquired by DoubleClick.

Before entering the digital realm, Mr. Jaris was in advertising sales with Time Inc., Times-Mirror and the Hearst Corporation.

“Emotion measurement solves a key problem in advertising research by providing true subconscious feedback. More than 90% of human behaviour and decision making is driven by the subconscious; yet the vast majority of current research and feedback is based on conscious self-reporting. This massive imbalance is resolved by recording true emotions via webcams rather than having audience self-report with surveys,” says Mr. Jaris. “Realeyes is at the forefront of using web and mobile technology to gauge how audience really reacts to video advertising.”

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