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Ipsos and Realeyes agree global deal for facial coding

by on April 10, 2014 in Apps, FaceBook, Google, iPhone, Lead story, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Pinterest, Research, Retail News, TV, Twitter, Videos

Ipsos  @IpsosMORI has announced a global agreement with London-headquartered Realeyes as their provider for Facial Coding and Body Gesture response metrics.

Realeyes provides state of the art, scalable and cost efficient emotional analytics using a platform to measure how people feel while they view advertising and communications content.

Realeyes @realeyesit video analytics are facilitated through regular web or mobile cameras capturing consumer response among consenting viewers.

Emotions are recorded in real-time to provide brands with analysis for profiling universal emotions using machine learning software, as well as physiological measures for attention and heart rate.

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“We selected Realeyes as our partner provider” says Elissa Moses, Ipsos EVP and Global Head of the Ipsos Neuroscience Innovation Centre, “because they have easily scalable state of the art facial coding technology, norms for over 30 countries and as many categories, and a deep R&D bench. That bench includes a prestigious scientific board of advisors with members such as Professor Maja Pantic, world renowned expert in machine analysis of human non-verbal behaviour, plus a dedicated research lab in Budapest brimming with scientific talent.”

Mihkel Jäätma, Realeyes CEO and Co-Founder, is proud that the company is now the technology leader in webcam-based emotions measurement but continues to always be looking for the next step in establishing Realeyes at the forefront of the industry. Ipsos is excited to collaborate on R&D with Realeyes in this area to further advance the understanding of what Moses refers to as “the language of the face and the body.”

Ipsos is rapidly integrating facial coding into ad tests and other media evaluations to capture the overall emotional engagement on a moment by moment basis. To date they have applied the technology to studies in 15 countries and numerous key clients.

According to Yannick Carriou, CEO of Ipsos ASI and MediaCT, “Realeyes facial coding makes it easy to have an unconscious measure of consumer engagement. This is critical in evaluating ad ad’s ability to have an opportunity for impact. Without engagement, there are low odds that an ad will be effective.”

Ipsos offers the best methodologies for providing understanding to consumer response knowing that the integration of System 1 unconscious measures such as facial coding with proven System 2 cognitive measures such as ASI Next*Connect provides clients with the best arsenal for comprehensive understanding and prediction of in-market performance.

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