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Psyched to get our Android Freelancer Messenger App out! Users are loving it!

Getting work done just became a whole lot easier as releases Freelancer Messenger

The new Freelancer Messenger app will allow freelancers and employers to stay connected while on the go and enhance their ability to get work done on the world’s largest freelancing marketplace.

Freelancer Messenger seamlessly transitions the real-time desktop chat experience onto the Android platform. Freelancer Messenger allows users to award or accept projects, send or reply to messages via their inbox, add attachments and view their contact lists.

Highlighting the demand for a mobile app, from February 2013 to February 2014 mobile visits increased 297% and currently constitute around 15% of page views.

Willix Hallim, Vice President of Growth, said “Freelancer Messenger members will benefit from seamless and enhanced connectivity allowing them to get work done faster and more efficiently while building and maintaining strong relationships with their freelancers or employers.”

For more information and to download visit the Freelancer Messenger landing page