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Waitrose’s new campaign from BBH London – great concept, beautifully delivered

Everyone who works at Waitrose owns Waitrose. And when you own something, you care a little more. A British supermarket has turned to a superhuman director to radically shift gears in its advertising.

Waitrose’s new campaign from BBH London is its first to focus on the grocery chain’s culture and values as an employee-owned business. Looking for an emotional, cinematic approach, BBH brought in Tom Tagholm, the Park Pictures director whose triumphant “Meet the Superhumans” ad for the 2012 Paralympic Games won the Film Craft Grand Prix at Cannes last year.Great concept, beautifully delivered.

The new film, very nicely shot, tells a small, poignant story that brings to life a simple truth—that your commitment to something is usually related to how much of a stake you have in it. Just, you know, keep shopping at Waitrose.