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This could be a huge distraction from the World Cup – Belle De Soir have added Pheromone infused stockings from Ballerina

Belle De Soir has announced that they have just added Pheromone infused stockings from Ballerina

If you didn’t feel sexy enough when wearing a set beautiful Stockings these take it to another level! If your man is being distracted by the World Cup or you just want to add something special to your wardrobe you need to take a look. Available in either Black or Ivory these Ballerina 800 Hold Up Stockings with Pheromones are sheer hold ups infused with pheromones, helping a woman to feel more confident thanks to the latest patent technology. Delicately perfumed and containing scientifically formulated pheromone concentrate.

Pheromones are naturally occurring volatile substances emitted by living organisms, including humans. The micro-signals transmitted by the pheromones are read by our subconscious brain. Pheromones trigger a response from people you meet for the first time, as well as from old friends.

The effect is immediate: you feel more confident, make better first impression, and engender greater trust. Thanks to the latest patent technology with pheromones, these stockings help you feel special, subtly highlighting your sex appeal, your scent more sensual, your skin will feel soft and smooth… you will capture the magic of the moment

Belle De Soir offers Free Delivery on orders over £40 to the UK, Discreet packaging and a Price Match Guarantee.

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Belle De Soir is a trade name of DG Products Ltd and is an on line boutique specialising in premium Lingerie and Adult Pleasure Items – Satisfying the Romantic, Seductive and Playful Wants of Women.