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Events : IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited event comes to Berlin in September

The highly anticipated IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited event is on a fast-track to Berlin, with the show starting on September 5th and concluding on the 10th.

Some of the top technology manufacturers will be there, exhibiting all their latest and finest products for the amazement of the many guests set to attend. Among the major consumer trends set to be showcased at this year’s event are curved and cinemascope TVs, Ultra HD TVs, voice and hand movement technologies and computers with “human like” sense to make them more interactive with human communication.

Some pretty bold stuff then it seems.

It’s set to be a pretty fantastic show, with some amazing products on display. So what can we expect to see?


Televisions are set to be one of the most anticipated offerings at the show. As mentioned before, curved and Ultra HD TVs are sure to take centre-stage. And it’s not difficult to see why.

Some top manufacturers will be showing off how far they’ve come with TV innovation, exhibiting the most crisp picture qualities imaginable, impressive eye-popping 3D and trying to outdo one another when it comes to connective features and apps, such as Skype, Netflix and internet access.

It will probably be a gladiatorial battle for attention at this year’s tech event, so don’t just stay at one stand. Take a walk and compare the latest products on offer.


Laptops are sure to be a big hit at this year, electronics show, as manufacturers try to promote they are one step ahead, not just for personal devices, but also for business usage too.

Among the new models set to be on display is the luxurious and top quality laptop the Toshiba Kira.

This particular model comes with Windows 8.1, Intel Core I7 processors, impressive graphics and a battery life of more than nine hours. It will stand out from the crowd due to its lightweight feel and the fact it has a built-in touchscreen. Be sure to check it out.

It is sure to be an interesting battle between the laptop manufacturers, with new innovations like touchscreen, flexible use and retina displays all trying to get the upperhand in the market to win the favour of consumers.

What better way to promote your product than pitting it against your closest competitors? This is why the IFA Consumer Electronics Unlimited event should be so special.

Smart devices

Is it a smartphone or a tablet you favour? Or do you choose not to mess around and just go straight for the phablet?

Whatever it is that you desire, this year’s show will have some incredible products for you to experience up close and personal.

Smart devices are blazing a new trail in the world of technology, as consumers now seemed more glued to their devices than ever before.

See what new systems and processes the latest smart devices have been fitted with. Will you be bowled over by the incredible security features?

Is the abundance of apps about to blow your mind?

There is sure to be something to get excited about.