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A knack for spotting a good story – this time its coffee

Regular visitors to TheMarketingblog will know we keep a keen eye on H&C News as they have a knack for spotting a good story.

Readers will also know that finding websites that enable consumers and businesses (searchers) to easily navigate and find the right and relevant information on is one of our pet subjects, so we were delighted to see once again that H&C News has come up with the goods.

The UK coffee market seems unable to stop constantly expanding, in both sales revenue and the diverse range of options for coffee consumers. Search traffic for coffee related terms is also ever expanding. So a well optimised site can benefit from very substantial traffic, but what happens when the traffic arrives? In the instance of a company called Logic Vending visitors will be pleased.

An introduction to Logic Vending can be seen here at H&C News setting out what the company wanted to achieve, take a look and then visit to Logic Vending we think they achieved what they set out to do.

Oh and just to let you know we suspect H&C News gets pretty substantial traffic for coffee, and what makes us think that? Just put the term The UK coffee market – into Google.