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PR : New look ‘perfectly platinum’ Nigella – it it a success or a blunder?

Perfectly platinum Nigella! The Domestic Goddess is famed for her raven locks… but what’s this striking new look?

Her luscious raven locks have always been a defining part of her sultry image – but today Nigella Lawson unveils a striking new look.

The Domestic Goddess sports a platinum blonde Cleopatra-style fringe, dramatically emphasised with alabaster skin and bold blue eyeshadow as part of an exclusive series of photographs for The Mail on Sunday’s You magazine.

The celebrity cook gazes confidently at the camera in the candid photographs, taken for a special 32-page Christmas recipe pullout.

The blonde bombshell look is actually a nod to Nigella’s private festive celebrations, as the 54-year-old has taken to wearing cheap wigs instead of traditional party hats at Christmas.

‘Not for nothing did my late husband John call me a gay man trapped in a woman’s body,’ she tells the magazine, cheerfully. ‘Most of the year I am not a party person, but I love a Christmas do, and go for it full tilt, becoming the living embodiment of the phrase ‘‘as camp as Christmas’’.