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Magnetic launches with a new microsite and a study called ‘The Rules of Attraction’

Magnetic launches with a new microsite

Magnetic, the marketing agency for magazine media, opens its doors to advertisers today with an objective to prove the growing power and influence of magazine media and its value to advertisers.

It is supporting the launch with a new study called ‘The Rules of Attraction’, conducted for Magnetic by Crowd DNA, which offers new evidence that magazine media is benefiting from dynamic developments in the media landscape, which increased opportunities to engage with consumers.

The marketing body has also welcomed Shortlist Media, Redwood and Condé Nast as members at launch, broadening its representation of magazine media across paid for, free and customer titles.

‘The Rules of Attraction’ study, conducted over two years with 15,000 magazine consumers, shows that the medium truly is 24/7, with the number of readers engaging in daily connections doubling from 12% to 22% over the period. Multi-platform usage also significantly strengthens perceived value and influence amongst readers, with 71% of the ‘super-user’ sample (defined as consuming magazine content via print plus at least one screen) crediting magazine media with giving them ideas and inspiration – more than any other channel. Crucially, 38% of magazine media consumers acted on ideas within their preferred brand, proving the influence magazine media holds beyond print alone.

Sue Todd, Chief Executive, Magnetic, said: “We believe that magazine media is growing in power and influence as consumers demand more compelling content which inspires ideas and helps them make choices in an increasingly cluttered world. We are also seeing more and more evidence of what we are calling ‘media mindfullness’ around magazine content. People give their full and undivided attention to this one media experience, something that is highly attractive to advertisers.”

‘The Rules of Attraction’ study

“We recognise there is more work to do to help explain this hypothesis and work with advertisers to explore how best to take advantage of the shifts which are taking place, but ‘The Rules of Attraction’ study begins to show how demand for magazine media content is changing. It is also important to recognise that despite the growing number of channels of distribution, certain truths about magazines strengthen around their immense ability to inspire and influence.”

Magnetic is also pointing to trends in the US media market, where a new measurement system has recently been adopted, providing a league table of magazine media and its most popular content, ranked by total number of engagement.

Immersion, Stature, Belonging, Inspiration, Influence and Growth


Magnetic launches with a new microsite, which sets out the core strengths of magazine media as found by ‘The Rules of Attraction’: Immersion, Stature, Belonging, Inspiration, Influence and Growth.

A launch campaign has been commissioned, with the creative handled by, the London-based brand design agency; adverts will run online on Mediatel Newsline, with full-page adverts in the 30th anniversary print issue of Media Week and Campaign.