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Is your social presence a little dry? Could it do with being a little juicier

by on March 19, 2015 in Apps, Ecommerce, Email Marketing, FaceBook, featured item, Google, iPhone, Lead Article, LinkedIn, Metrics, Mobile Marketing, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Online Advertising, Online Video, Pinterest, QR Codes, Retail, Retail News, Rock 'n Roll, Search Marketing, Social Media, Twitter

Are you ever worried that your social presence is a little dry and could do with being a little juicier? Well, orange you glad to see SocialBro and Innocent pear up to help your Twitter profile become the apple of your customer’s eye?

UK beverage giant Innocent Drinks began life in 1999 and is now valued at over £320m, employing over 300 people across Europe. Coined Innocent for their pure and natural approach to fruit smoothies, the company built its brand on honesty, an active willingness to engage with their customers, and a totally bananas style of communication that is reflected in their marketing activities.

These traits meant that they were able to adapt quickly and successfully to Twitter when they joined in 2008, and to other social networks as they emerged, building a personality and following that would be the envy of the FMCG market.

They now post consistently engaging content with staggering engagement rates from their 730,000+ fans on social media, that brings serious benefits that they were keen to elaborate on.

We spoke to Joe McEwan, Head Of Digital & Communities @joemcwon, and Helena Langdon, Communities Manager,@Langerrzzzz about why this level of interaction is so important to Innocent Drinks, how they have started full marketing campaigns on Twitter, and how to build up a loyal, vocal customer fanbase like theirs:

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