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Mapp Media adds programmatic buying service

by on April 21, 2015 in Advertising, Business, Lead Article

Mapp Media announces that it has developed a new programmatic advertising buying service for its key platform partners to complement its existing, highly-targeted advertising solutions


Mapp Media ( today announced that it has developed a new programmatic advertising buying service, which enables it to now offer a greater level of support for its key platform partners, and complements its existing, highly-targeted advertising solutions.

With the new service, platforms can work with one trusted representative to sell their entire inventory. The service will help to improve the quality of the ads that are presented on platforms, increasing consumer enjoyment and confidence with the platforms. In turn, this will help advertisers as the whole medium gains an improved reputation.

To head up the new service, Katie McDermott has recently joined Mapp Media as Head of Demand Solutions. She has more than seven years of experience in media, working in client services and ad operations at platforms including BSkyB and Spil Games. In the past two years, Katie has managed the demand solutions and programmatic partnerships sector at YuMe, a multi-screen video network.

One of the key issues that the new service from Mapp Media will help the industry address is ‘viewability’, which is an overarching term to cover some of the most pressing concerns for the sector, including brand safety, ad viewability, quality of inventory and placement, ad fraud and use of bot traffic.

“Advertisers and platforms need to work together to ensure ‘viewability’ in programmatic advertising – rather than just blindly following the numbers,” said McDermott,  “By standardising measurement, and ensuring transparency, both sides can benefit, and we can ensure consumers always see well-targeted content.”

For advertisers, Mapp Media’s new programmatic service will allow them to purchase new mobile ad inventory on the platforms represented by the company. This will provide an additional option and more choice for buyers, complementing Mapp’s main offering of highly personalised and targeted advertising.

Stringent quality standards

By adhering to Mapp Media’s stringent quality standards, the new programmatic service will help advertisers to protect their brand while reaching their target audience effectively, and help to build strong, trust-based relationships between platforms, agencies and their clients.

Mapp Media has worked with some of the biggest names in the advertising industry, including all of the UK’s major agencies and world-famous brands such as Ford, Sky, Adidas, Google and Unilever. It has also been selected as the exclusive European sales house for market-leading platforms including TuneIn, AllRecipes and Map My Fitness.

Recently, Mapp Media won the Best Mobile Advertising Campaign of 2014 at the Mobile Entertainment Awards, for its #BoostYourRun campaign. This innovative solution drove more than 250,000 unique users to an Adidas hub on Spotify in only four weeks.

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