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This new networking group will help digital mums gain useful, insightful information – Talk to Mums

by on April 6, 2015 in Events, Events & Awards, Lead Article, News you can use, Rock 'n Roll

Mums today have less time and more to do then ever before. They are more interactive in the daily lives of their children and care deeply about their physical and emotional well-being.

Mums are on the lookout for information and insights into how to keep their kids active, provide healthy food in lunch boxes, snacks and main meals and what entertainment to provide for them and together as a family.

In a survey by Prima Baby Magazine half of mothers of under 5’s admit to obsessing about their child’s health. This is amplified by conflicting information and advice across media sources.

In addition to all of this mums are women who need to feel happy and healthy in order to to give back 100% to their growing families.

Help digital mums

This networking group is to help digital mums gain useful, insightful information that they can share with their readers. This content will come from both our panel of expert speakers and from the brands attending the event. We will handpick brands from a mixture of sectors that will be beneficial to mum and/or the whole family.

This will be in the form of consumer goods, beauty, entertainment, food and beverage and general lifestyle.

These brands or products will be selected based on their credentials. Talk to Mum’s goal is take the conversation offline to improve the relationship and content generated online. In today’s digitally busy world, offline networking and marketing has become more important then ever.


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