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Somerset County Cricket Club appoint CCR to enrich data and strengthen CRM

by on May 14, 2015 in CRM, Events, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use

Somerset County Cricket Club (SCCC) has appointed data management firm CCR as its preferred data cleansing supplier.

CCR will use its new data cleansing and enrichment solution, ADAM, to clean and enhance the cricket club’s data in order to allow it to extend the reach of its marketing activity across its customer database.

With a large number of events taking place at its stadium every season, a top priority for the Club is to ensure that each match is played to a capacity audience.  However, this cannot be guaranteed though members alone, especially as the majority of games are played during week days when supporters are at work or school.

The marketing team is therefore tasked with creating effective marketing campaigns that boost membership sales, but which also entice non-members to matches.

Enrich engagement

However, to date the non-members activity has been restricted because of limitations with the data held on its database, only allowing it to carry out direct mail activity which can be expensive and time consuming to plan.  Recognising that it has real value in its existing data as well as an opportunity to enrich engagement with its supporters, SCCC decided to improve the quality and depth of the data inside the club to help increase memberships and gate numbers. CCR will therefore append telephone and email contact data to SCCC’s customer database so that it can boost its marketing activity through targeted telephone, text and email campaigns.

Jez Curwin, Head of Commercial Operations commented:  “We take data seriously and place it at the heart of our marketing strategy.  We are therefore conscious that communicating to supporters and people that know the Club creates better results than mailing cold lists or putting an ad in the local paper. By using data enrichment services from CCR we are confident we will see considerable improvement in the commercial value of our data which will enable us to better promote membership and ticket offers as well as increase awareness around our counties first class cricket.”

Through the use of ADAM, SCCC will not only see its data enhanced but also have the potential to de-duplicate files and update movers’ addresses.  The data will then drive communications through SCCC’s Orange Box CRM system from Sports Alliance.

Chris Turner, Director of Business Development at CCR comments, “Many sports marketers are investing in big data, but one of the biggest issues businesses face isn’t the quantity of data, its poor data quality. How the actual data is being structured is not being considered in any great depth.

Adding contact details to records is an incredibly cost effective way for sports teams to open up new opportunities for reconnecting with people who have an affinity with the team but have not attended matches for a while – even providing the chance for last minute campaigns in the run up to a match to create a sell-out stadium. This opens up a bigger receptive audience, strengthens its customer communications and increases revenue.”

CCR’s team of data experts will focus on increasing the value of SCCC’s data by getting the data into shape ensuring that disparate data across the business is consolidated, cleaned and quality checked. This will provide the club with a detailed view of its core data and help it understand the strengths and opportunities across the various segments of the database.  The club will then be able to use the data more effectively to run highly targeted campaigns matching customer data with the most appropriate messaging and offers.

CCR’s data cleansing and enhancement system ADAM was launched onto the market earlier this year and it is the first product of its kind in the UK to include both Equifax and Experian new address data as well as data enrichment solutions such as factual wealth information and Facebook data.  


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