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0-5 ft in under 3 minutes … StackaWraps™

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A StackaWrap™ always starts from an ordinary photograph of the product in question. This is converted into a three-dimensional file by our special proprietary software.

Then the program calculates how the frame and fabric cover should look like and how it will be printed. All prints are done using dye sub inks directly onto flame retardant textiles.

The covers are fitted with zippers, which is the lock function when the fabric is mounted on the body. An inner skeleton is produced which is the backbone of the mountable parts and works by simply slotting a series of bulkheads and tubes over a central support stand. All components are packed in a box and shipped to the customer.

For more information please call 0161 410 0352 or visit StackaWraps

StackaWraps™ @StackaWraps can be entirely independent, a 360° wraparound, or flat-back, known as 180, for example, for hanging on a wall or a billboard.  In the latter case, there has already been special versions for outdoors tested in large format with very good results.

The benefits of StackaWraps™, compared with milled plastic models or cardboard cut outs, is that you get a realistic copy of the product, low price, low weight, simple and quick assembly, replacement parts, easy to recycle, washable covers, reusable body and low shipping costs.

For more information please call 0161 410 0352 or visit StackaWraps

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