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Latest software / “This B2B sales tool will turn your sales people into rock stars!”

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Editor of theMarketingblog’ s Newslettered exclusively writes

.. People always ask me “What’s the latest software that is going to make my business money?” While it is often not as simple as that, occasionally something comes along that really does do, exactly that. “This B2B sales tool with turn your sales people into rock stars!”

Now, there is a tool you can plug into your website that will email you an alert for all of the businesses that are coming onto your website in real-time.

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Want to give Lead Forensics a go – Check it Out Here!

“Lead Forensics has allowed us to stop wasting time cold calling endless piles of data and contact solid leads. We’ve increased our sales activity by 50%.” Duncan Stuart, Sales Manager, ABC Imaging

Anyone with a company – has a website. It’s a ‘must have’ in the business world but how much business do we actually make from it? It’s hard to measure, but what about receiving an email alert every time a prospect or existing customer went onto your site, including their business contact info and how they found you?

Acquiring new customers and upsell opportunities

Even if they did not click ‘I’m interested!’ This information can be vital in acquiring new customers and upsell opportunities. If you had this information, you could contact them via LinkedIn, email or even an old fashioned phone call!

These alerts could make your follow-ups extremely timely and much more effective at closing the sale.

A tool we have been using has done exactly this for us, named Lead Forensics, the information it has provided our operation is amazing!

Because we are contacting these companies before they get to a competitor, it’s proven its own ROI many times over. It’s not even that expensive, especially in comparison to other ‘Marketing Automation’ services out there.

Because of this we decided to become a partner with them and let our clients and readers know about the @LeadForensics software.

Anyone in the B2B world, should at least give it a go. Especially if you are already paying for campaigns with Google! 90% of the visitors are leaving without filling out a webpage form but with this tool you can find out exactly who they are and prove that digital marketing spend.

Always give you a free trial

The great thing with Lead Forensics is that they will always give you a free trial, just to make sure the information the software being provided, is what you want. They give you a piece of code that goes on your website and you can then see all those visitors with a login to your own dashboard. Not very complicated at all, but really exciting and valuable data!

It also integrates with CRM systems such as SalesForce and Microsoft Dynamics, so those visitors can be put straight into your sales teams workflow.

Want to give Lead Forensics a go – Check it Out Here!


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