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Top multi-tasking gadgets to transform your life

by on December 12, 2015 in Apps & Software, featured item, Gadgets, Lead Article, Nuggets, Rock 'n Roll, Social Media, Tech, Websites

One of the most interesting things about 21st century life is the way that gadgets have infiltrated our lives to assist us in a multitude of tasks.

So whether it’s using our Android smartphones to host a quick video conference with our colleagues, or even just using an iPad to play some glamorous online games, it seems that our shape-shifting gadgets can broaden our horizons and transform our opportunities.

But with every year bringing yet another wave of high-tech gadgets, it can be hard to keep up. So here’s a look at what tech you may need to face the digital challenges in the workplace and home in 2016.

Secure smartphones

As we now use our smartphones for just about every conceivable task, efforts have been made to make these devices much more secure.

The latest wave of smartphones have all implemented some kind of advanced security technology as seen in the Apple iPhone’s fingerprint passcode system that means that users can enjoy performing a range of activities from sending private information to making deposits and receiving payments with increased security.

The use of smartphones for contactless payment has been big in 2015, and with the likes of Betway providing an online casino for the mobile generation thanks to their range of games of roulette, slots and poker, it’s becoming clear that whether it’s for work or play, our smartphones are increasingly becoming our wallets too.

Wearable tech

Another defining moment in this year’s tech was the introduction of the Apple Watch that promised to do for wearables what the iPhone did for smartphones.

Whilst smartwatches are still some way off becoming omnipresent, the use of wearable tech for health-related purposes has become increasingly evident not only for fitness fanatics, but in treating the health of the sick and elderly too.

Of course, many of us will be intrigued to see how the gadgets will handle entertainment in the form of mobile gaming, and thankfully games like Runeblade are showing the potential of these devices for allowing us a more convenient way to relax in our downtime.

Tablet advances

In many business environments, it’s been clear to see how tablets are gradually edging out laptops and desktop computers as the gadget of choice.

The convenience offered by the devices in conjunction with improved processing power means that it’s easier than ever to perform a variety of work-based tasks whether it be hosting a video conference courtesy of the Google Hangouts app, or even running your own retail outlet with Shopify.

And with the devices also able to offer an incredible entertainment potential that can take on many recent endeavours by the latest gaming consoles, it looks like 2016 will see all of us getting a little more gadget-friendly.

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