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Doner London breathes new life into Geox with a global campaign directed by Rankin

Full service creative agency, Doner London, has unveiled an integrated multi-million euro global campaign for Italian footwear brand Geox – #startbreathing – repositioning them as a modern, emotionally engaging, premium lifestyle brand with breathable sole technology.

The new creative, directed by world-renowned photographer and documentary-maker Rankin, launches on 29th February 2016 and will run across OOH, press, online, social media and interactive digital display video units.

It will also feature music by Beatbox artist and internet sensation Nicole Paris, whose videos across YouTube, The Late Late Show and ABC News have accumulated over 5.7 million views to date.  Nicole composed the music exclusively for Geox.

Doner London, who was appointed as Geox’s global creative partner, was tasked with a clear objective to change consumer perceptions of the brand and open it up to new audiences.  The hashtag, which is a call to action, aims to educate consumers about the benefits of Geox’s breathable sole, enabling and encouraging them to move, do more in life, take the initiative and enjoy new experiences.

“As part of the integrated campaign Doner, working with Geox and H-ART agency in Italy, will launch #startbreathing across Europe. The initiative aims to drive engagement by getting audiences to learn more about #startbreathing by taking them to social platforms such as Instagram, YouTube and Twitter, where they can experience content filmed by top fashion photographer Rankin.

This ranges from a beautiful 60-second fashion film, to a behind the scenes film, to a brand manifesto, plus short pieces of shareable philosophy”.

The campaign aims to connect with people at every touchpoint, from brand advertising to social media, through to point of purchase. Creating a world of contemporary values that bring together fashion, well-being and life experiences.

The campaign is part of an ambitious five-year plan to grow the business by 300 per cent.

Rankin, said: “Shooting the campaign was a lot of fun. There was a great energy all day. When you’re shooting a film all about movement and dance, you’ve got to crank the music up and have some fun.”

Giovanni Peracin, Geox VP Marketing Worldwide, commented: “Geox as a brand is on a journey from a rational, functional territory – the shoes with breathable soles – to something far more emotionally engaging. This shift in focus will open up new audiences and widen the brand’s appeal, helping the business achieve its 5-year growth plan.”

Giovanni Peracin continued: “Doner understood our business challenges and helped us navigate the modern world with a big idea that moves people to re-evaluate the brand and ultimately purchase. We look forward to an exciting journey with our new partner.”

Nick Constantinou, Managing Director, Doner, said: “We believe if shoes were invented today, they would all be made like Geox; with breathable technology. With people now taking a more proactive approach to their health and wellbeing, the time is right to position Geox uniquely at the intersection of fashion, technical innovation and smart, healthy living.”