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Summer holidays in Spain set to be more expensive this year

Summer holidays in Spain set to be more expensive this year as Britons shun Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey over safety fears

  • Experts warn that more holidaymakers are heading to Spain this summer
  • Comes as interest in Egypt, Tunisia and Turkey has crumbled
  • Last minute deals to Spain ‘unlikely to exist this year’ one expert claims

Families are being warned that summer holidays to Spain are more expensive than last year with experts urging people to book trips soon or face disappointment.

The price rises come as interest in some destinations has crumbled with families looking to head to ‘safer’ Spain rather than countries in areas of the world caught close to conflict.

Searches to Tunisia have fallen 88.5 per cent, Egypt by 80.4 per cent and Turkey 54.6 per cent, according to data of flights, hotels and holidays from Travelsupermarket, with tourism in these countries likely to be badly affected this summer.

Meanwhile holidays across Europe are likely to be more costly due to the falling value of the pound against the euro. At the beginning of July last year, one pound would have bought around 1.41 euros. Today it would only buy 1.27 euros, which means holiday cash would not stretch as far.

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