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[Laughter Spot] … “He turns the statues into real people”

Two nude statues stare agonisingly at each other from either side of an entrance to a park, one female, one male. One day, very early in the morning, an angel comes down from heaven. He looks the statues up and down, and with a flick of his wrist, POOF! he turns the statues into real people.

The man and woman stare at each other in amazement, but their attention soon turns to the angel, who’s quite satisfied with himself, grinning from ear to ear.

He says to the couple, “You guys have been staring at each other while locked in stone for the last 100 years, completely unable to do a thing about your urges for each other.” He pauses, and then adds: “It’s still pretty early, and people don’t usually get to the park for another 30 minutes. You two should go into that covered area and…well, just have a good time.”

The man caught the eye of the woman, who had a twinkle in her eye and wore a mischievous grin. She bit her lip seductively, and with that the man grabbed her hand and the two ran off to the bushes.

The angel then found himself privy to giggles, laughter, rustling, and squeals of delight. Fifteen minutes later, the couple emerged from the bushes hand-in-hand, out of breath and faces flush.

The angel glanced at his watch. “You still have fifteen minutes, you know. You can have another round if you’d like!”

The woman turned excitedly to the man and exclaimed, “Ok! But this time, you hold the pigeon while I get to shit on its head.”

Tyler McKay /