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Listen up guys: There is nothing sexy about not being able to walk

by on February 20, 2016 in Latest News, Lead Article, Research, Retail, Rock 'n Roll, Videos


If you rush the “before”, you’ll miss the “after”. Stay within your limits to experience everything the night has to offer.

Is that unachievable New Year’s resolution bringing you down? You know the one… where overnight you become a carb-free/debt-free/procrastination-free version of yourself who gets up without pressing snooze. It’s not too late to rewrite yours with only one word: moderation. Instead of trying to become a whole new you, focus on becoming the best you – that person who knows when to stop before the next drink becomes one too many.

The good news is that if you’re a Millennial, it won’t be hard for you.


New research regarding drinking attitudes of Millennial consumers (ages 21-35) reveals that self-awareness and staying in control are the motivating factors for moderating alcohol consumption during a night out. HEINEKEN commissioned trend-analysts Canvas8 to poll 5,000 Millennial premium beer drinkers in five countries, including the US. The results provide insight into our latest Enjoy Heineken® Responsibly campaign, called Moderate Drinkers Wanted, aimed at boosting the trend of responsible consumption.

The research found that popularity and reach of social media among 21-35 year-olds means that control of their self-image is paramount. And they are very focused on their future. 88% of Millennials accept they are responsible for how their life turns out and 71% believe their life is better when they moderate their behavior. 75% say they limit the amount of alcohol they drink on the majority of their nights out. They prefer taste and quality over quantity when choosing an alcoholic beverage. The x-factor for a great night out is shifting, with Millennials prioritising good food, friends and new experiences over excessive alcohol consumption.

“Millennials have grown up in a period of rapid technological change, globalization and economic disruption. The result is their outlook on life is sharply different to previous generations,” said Ralph Rijks, Vice President of marketing at HEINEKEN USA. “They are dedicated to positive lifestyles, and drinking in moderation is one aspect of this; taking matters into their own hands, making positive lifestyle choices and attempting to make the best of every opportunity that is thrown at them.”

Against this backdrop, Heineken®’s newly launched Moderate Drinkers Wanted campaign makes some much needed noise. In the new commercial, a chorus of singers belt 1986’s “I Need A Hero” in bars, on city streets and on the subway after ditching their counterparts who don’t keep their drinking in check. A hero does emerge in the final scene as an intriguing patron demonstrates moderation by declining an additional Heineken®. By showing positive behavior, HEINEKEN believes it can help change consumer attitudes about alcohol consumption.

HEINEKEN has a long-standing commitment to use our flagship brand to convey the ‘Enjoy Responsibly’ message. We believe moderation can become the new norm globally.


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