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One bottle of very social champagne, the social team @ Hospitality & Catering News, are at it again

The regularity of our reporting on social media at B2B website Hospitality & Catering News might lead some to think we are receiving large quantities of champagne from them, sadly not the case. We monitor a number of social sites and this is one we find to be particularly ‘engaging’.

We took a peek this morning on our trawl through some of our favourite’s and found this, but how can one bottle of champagne garner such a response, and a very engaged response too for that matter?

Creativity is at the heart of marketing and if you trawl through the 163 entries/comments (growing as we review) you will see that by regularly posting replies with icons and images creative thinking is compounding engagement.

It is clearly an advertising feature from Lanson Champagne and doubtless their creative team are working with the media owner here. The collaboration is clearly working and we look forward to checking on Valentine’s Day morning when the winner is announced, where the final engagement ends up. The campaign is clearly organic too, which makes it even more remarkable. Cheers!