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Bringing research to life with stunning depth and colour. How a group of fresh minds from London are changing the game with a new initiative – habitus Insight Ltd

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Bringing research to life with stunning depth and colour. How a group of fresh minds from London are changing the game with a new initiative – habitus Insight Ltd

Habitus Insight is an internationally operating full service ethnographic research agency delivering insight from all areas of society with a key interest in hard to reach demographics and places.

Based in London with a well-established network of international partners, habitus Insight’s core team is made up of photojournalists, filmmakers, anthropologists, ethnographers, researchers and marketing strategists.

Together they use a combination of qualitative, observational and visual methodologies to carry out unique research, delivering new, powerful and actionable insights.

The habitus Insight team know that spending time with people in their natural environment is fundamental to gaining understanding. A lightweight visual team accompany the ethnographers during fieldwork, capturing every second of the research and ensuring that no detail or nuance is lost. habitus Insight will provide evocative and visually stimulating findings to help organisations better understand people and society. Find out more at

As well as working with more established and accessible markets, habitus Insight focuses on hard to reach demographics and places. Of particular interest is the ever changing and evolving landscape of global subculture. The team have identified that many opportunities lie in gaining a much deeper understanding of these fringe people, groups and cultures.

Company founder Eoghan McDonaugh said in a recent interview:

‘Little is known about the growing middle classes of places like Brazil and India. Every growing class will have a multitude of subcultures, which are practically invisible to local and international organisations’.

He went on to identify another area of focus:

‘Those in the world living in poverty present both a call for and source of innovation as they interact with and use daily products and services in a different way’

With the right blend of research, these little understood edges of society offer unparalleled opportunity for insight and creative business strategy, especially in comparison with the saturated and rigid developed markets.

Whilst habitus Insight has identified unique areas of interest further afield they also have clients based in the UK & Europe and carry out visual ethnographic research projects on home soil. As a company habitus Insight works with agility deploying research teams with a compact blend of interlinked expertise. Richness and vitality of research is brought by the researchers themselves directly to the client to maximise the quality, immediacy and depth of insight.

Their core values are transparency, collaboration & authenticity.Ethically, the company is committed to sustainable development, education, the environment and human rights. habitus Insight believes that no research project should be tackled unless it adheres to these core ethics and values as its backbone.

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