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eBay: We took your money but your order is pending / Chris Dawson, Tamebay

  • ebay your payment is pendingChris Dawson writes  I’ve just made a few purchases on eBay though the eBay shopping basket.
  • As per normal I added the items to my basket and then made a single checkout payment (using the balance in my PayPal account) and expected the sellers to be paid and the items on eBay marked as paid.

In PayPal all six items (from five different sellers) are showing as the payment completed. However, on eBay the checkout page flipped to an “Although your payment was processed, the result is still pending. Please check your email or visit My eBay for the status of your order.” message. That’s a new one for me – has anyone else seen it? Checking my eBay shows a note against every item as “Your payment is pending.”

I’m guessing it’ll all resolve itself in a few minutes or hours. I’m not that worried, but should you as sellers be worried?

Have the six items I’ve purchased and paid for been instantly marked as sold in your account. Has the stock been reserved for me? Has your multichannel management software noticed that your inventory has been depleted and updated other channels to reflect this?

If anyone knows the answers I’d love to know. I’m so accustomed to checking out on eBay and the items being instantly purchased and marked as paid that the message telling me that payment has been taken but the order not completed is just a little off-putting.