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Gillette’s Perfect isn’t Pretty Olympics film

With less than one month to go until Opening Ceremonies of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, Gillette, the world’s leading male grooming brand, today debuted Perfect Isn’t Pretty – the central piece in the brand’s Olympic Games campaign.

Starring Gillette’s global roster of athlete ambassadors, Neymar Jr. (Brazil, Football), Ashton Eaton (USA, Decathlon), Ning Zetao (China, Freestyle Swimming) and Andy Tennant (Great Britain, Team Pursuit Cycling), the Perfect Isn’t Pretty Film pulls back the curtain, shining a spotlight on the gruelling journey that athletes face throughout their training process. By revealing the tough, and often overlooked everyday struggles, combined with the sacrifices that athletes make in their pursuit of perfection – from enduring physical pain to unexpected arguments with loved ones – Gillette truly brings the concept of Perfect Isn’t Pretty to life for consumers.

“I think it’s difficult for people to understand the complete and utter commitment athletes have to make to perfect their sport, to become as precise as possible in execution,” said Neymar Jr. “We fully commit ourselves to refining our skills during training in order to reach our ultimate goal of competing at the Olympic Games. And it’s incredible that Gillette wanted to highlight that side of the journey – not just the glitz and glam, but what it really takes to get to the grandest stage in the world of sport. I’m honored to be a part of something that shows what really happens behind the scenes in the lead up to the Olympic Games.”

For the film, Gillette collaborated with award-winning singer and songwriter Sia to put a fresh new twist that speaks to the heart of Perfect Isn’t Pretty, on her latest track, “Unstoppable.”  In celebration of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, the brand enlisted three additional global artists to incorporate their unique flair and expertise within “Unstoppable” for an all-new, never-before-heard mix of the track.

  • Ariel Rechtshaid – A Grammy-winning producer, Ariel produced the track, worked with Sia to perfect her vocal delivery, played the majority of the instruments heard in the song, and worked with Pusha T to contribute to the track in his best and most distinct way.
  • Pusha T – A founding member of the seminal rap duo Clipse, Pusha T wrote an original rap that exemplifies Gillette’s campaign and performed it on the track.
  • Olodum – The quintessential Brazilian marching band contributed a Brazilian percussion influence and sound to the track, adding a flair reflective of the Rio 2016 Olympic Games.

“When I was working on “Unstoppable” I wanted to write a sports anthem; the kind of song played before a big game to get the players pumped,” said Sia, award-winning singer and songwriter. “As I learned more about Gillette’s “Pretty Isn’t Perfect” campaign supporting the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, this collaboration felt right and this film was a perfect place to unveil this new mix.”

The Film and accompanying soundtrack seamlessly brings to life Perfect Isn’t Pretty, which represents Gillette’s role as a brand that promises and strives to deliver, and has for over a century, the best razors for 800 million men every day.

“Perfect Isn’t Pretty captures the gritty truth of an athlete’s journey to the Olympic Games,” explained Francesco Tortora, Gillette Global Brand Director. “Our film and the accompanying soundtrack shows how Olympic athletes directly inspire us as a global brand to keep chasing perfection, no matter how tough the road can be – because it takes the athletes’ best to reach the Olympic Games and our best to create the world’s most precise razor.”

Visit Gillette’s YouTube page to view the full Perfect Isn’t Pretty Film, or check it out on Twitter @Gillette. The track will also be streaming across Spotify, Apple Music, and SoundCloud in over 140 countries across the globe*.