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“8 top tips for outstanding on-pack promotions” / PromoVeritas

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“8 top tips for outstanding on-pack promotions” / PromoVeritas

On-pack promotions can create the kind of customer engagement that most CEO’s dream about. And this is why some promoters run the same promotion time after time with great success.  The only problem is that they are incredibly easy to get wrong, so here are our top tips to make sure your on-pack is on point.

1.    Have more than one Star Prize – If someone wins your big prize early on in the campaign it could lose momentum. It is generally best to go for a small number of star prizes alongside a large number of lesser value ones so that you have more winners, and plenty of happier customers.

2.    Include more than one level to your Instant Win – For instance, offer a small number of hidden items as well as thousands of on-pack codes to increase levels of engagement and redemption rates.

3.    You must include independent verification – The CAP Code requires that an independent statement is made showing that winning instant-win tickets and codes are awarded or distributed fairly and randomly. To prevent any fraud, have independent auditors involved during key checkpoints such as when winning packs are printed or golden tickets are seeded.

4.    Have fun with technology – If you are running a ‘Willy Wonka’ style promotion, take full advantage of latest advances in 3D printing to create a replica of your product or of the winning item to cause a buzz such as Dairlyea moo-ing triangles and golden Cadbury chocolate bars. We’ve even run promotions involving plastic Cornetto cones that hid winning keys to a Vespa.

5.    Make sure you have enough prizes – It can be hard to estimate the number of redemptions but plan your fulfilment properly as it is vital not to disappoint your customers or you could incur a ruling from the ASA and a fine from Trading Standards, not to mention all the bad publicity.

6.    Instant means instant – Remember the CAP Code states that instant win entrants “…must get their winnings at once or must know immediately what they have won and how to claim without delay, cost or administrative barriers”. This means that entrants entering an online code cannot be asked for their details before they find out if they have won, neither can you ask them to post winning items as proof because they would need to pay for postage which is banned.

7.    Don’t forget the packaging – Make sure your designer includes the summary terms on your promotional pack and if you are running an overseas promotions you may need extra room for the various translations.

8.    Check if you need a Patent Licence – If you are generating codes for an Instant Win promotion you may need to organise a licence that covers the use of codes or risk a being in breach of a patent and a potential lawsuit.

For help and advice running on-pack promotions or any kind of instant win promotion get in touch with PromoVeritas, the global promotional verification experts, on +44 203 301 7360 or email

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