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Media iQ achieved up to 76% lower ad fraud rates in Q1 2016

Media iQ, the global analytics and technology specialist, today reveals that its rates of ad fraud and brand risk were significantly lower than industry averages. Integral Ad Science (IAS) analysed global performance data* from across Media iQ campaigns that ran between January and March 2016.

The findings highlight that Media iQ outperformed industry averages for ad fraud and brand safety in the following markets:

  • Germany: Media iQ’s rate of ad fraud was 59% less and brand safety risk was found to be 81% less than Germany’s industry average.
  • UK: Media iQ’s rate of ad fraud was 2% less and brand safety risk was found to be 61% less across UK campaigns.
  • US: Media iQ’s rate of ad fraud was 76% less than the US industry average and brand safety risk was 57% lower.

Media iQ developed Guard, an advanced brand safety and anti-fraud solution that offers multiple safeguards for marketers to protect brands online. When deployed, Guard leverages real-time verification tools, operates at the strictest available rules, and is further enhanced by pre and post bid protective measures, to provide clients with the highest level of protection for online ad campaigns. With the integration of Guard, Media iQ consistently achieves lower ad fraud rates and brand safety risk than market averages.

Richard Dunmall, Chief Revenue Officer, Media iQ said, “Ad fraud and brand safety are two hot topics and big threats to businesses. To ensure we are leading the way in best practice for the programmatic space, we have a comprehensive approach to ensure our clients are protected. The combination of IAS’ solutions and our Guard capabilities allow us to constantly lower fraud risk and improve brand safety measures.”

“Our partnership with Media iQ highlights their forward-thinking and comprehensive approach to serving the digital advertising community,” commented Lee Moulding, Director, Business Development at Integral Ad Science. “They are committed to offering their customers the best-in-class brand safety solutions and are working to reduce the impact of ad fraud.”