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[Infographic] : New research from AOL reveals key consumer behaviours

by on September 8, 2016 in Business, Digital Marketing, Lead Article, Lead story, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Online Advertising, Online Video, Research, Retail News

[Infographic] : New research from AOL reveals key consumer behaviours

New landmark research from AOL has uncovered eight specific behaviours that determine why consumers engage with online content.

From inspiration and entertainment to social interaction and knowledge seeking, AOL’s Global Content Moments Study highlights the need for advertisers and publishers to complement traditional audience segmentation and standard targeting demographics with an understanding of emotional motivations and everyday experiences to better connect with consumers.

Using a sample of over 32,000 respondents, AOL explored over 55,000 consumer interactions with online content in eight different markets including the UK, USA, Canada, Brazil, Japan, Italy, Spain and Germany. In this expansive global study, the data gathered was used to pinpoint eight universal motivations or Content Moments that drive people to engage with various types of digital content, topics and formats regardless of country or culture.

The eight Content Moments identified by AOL are:

1.    Inspire: look for fresh ideas or try something new

2.    Be in the Know: stay updated or find relevant ideas

3.    Find: seek answers or advice

4.    Comfort: seek support or insight

5.    Connect: learn something new or be part of a community

6.    Feel Good: improve mood or feel relaxed

7.    Entertain: look for an escape or a mental break

8.    Update Socially: stay updated or take a mental break

Key UK findings based on over 4,000 respondents:

  • The top four Moments that are most popular with UK consumers are Inspire, Feel Good, Entertain and Update Socially. These Moments are consistent with the other countries surveyed, but the UK also over-indexes in Social, Be in the Know and Comfort moments when compared to global averages
  • On average, the UK is spending 11 minutes in an individual Content Moment, compared to 13 minutes globally and 16 minutes in Brazil, where it is highest
  • UK consumers are spending longer with more emotional outcome-driven Moments such as Entertain (16 mins on average) and Connect (13 minutes on average) where motivations are driven by relaxation and escapism. Less time is spent in Moments where they are keeping themselves updated through social networking (9 minutes on average) or being in the know with the news or what’s going on (6 minutes on average)
  • A UK trend, replicated globally, reveals different motivations between the genders. Women over-index in more “lean-back” Moments such as Inspire and Social, while men index significantly higher on Connect Moments and are more motivated by visual, sticky content that can be shared with friends and social groups
  • Women are also more likely to reach for their tablet or smartphone when engaging with content, whereas men are 5% more likely to use a PC and 25% more likely to be on a games console
  • UK millennials (16-34 year-olds) are much more likely to use their smartphones to engage with content and index highly on Inspire and Connect Moments, driven by distraction or a desire to be shocked and amazed or to try something new. Those aged 45-64 predominantly use tablets and PCs and are more focused and intent-based, over-indexing on the Find and Be in the Know Moments
  • Brazil and the US share content online more frequently
  • Moment types vary according to the time of day and day of the week. In line with the global average, UK consumers spend nearly twice as long in a Moment later in the evening (14 minutes on average between 8pm and 11pm) than they do in the morning (9 minutes on average between 9am and 12pm). On week days, consumers are motivated by staying updated on current affairs, researching something specific or seeking moments to take a mental break and are therefore more likely to be in intent-based moments such as Update Socially, Be in the Know and Find.
  • This changes at the weekend, when consumers are more attracted to emotional and entertaining Moments such as Comfort, Connect and Feel Good. Consumers are 10% more likely to be watching long-form video at this time, which may explain why games console usage is much higher at weekends
  • Key Global findings:

  • Brazilians also sharing content in person with greater frequency. Germany and Japan share content online the least often
  • Japan is a valuable market, scoring high rates on ad awareness and over-indexing in the two most popular Moments globally: Inspire and Feel Good

Stuart Flint, Managing Director, AOL UK, said: “Both advertisers and publishers are flooded with data about their target consumers and audiences. But so often, the missing piece of the puzzle remains unanswered: why exactly are consumers interacting with content in the first place? AOL’s Global Content Moments study has uncovered the human motivations and consumer mind-sets that drive engagement in a media landscape where decisions are frequently made in a split second or on–the-go.

AOL draws on insightful studies like these to inform our own and our advertiser and publisher partners’ strategies. From mundane events like jogging to life-changing experiences like welcoming a new baby, each unique and critical moment can be segmented into universal behaviours, enabling us and our partners to build content that is most valuable and relevant to their audiences.”


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