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Watch : Guess which Hollywood films are recreated in new Jarlsberg cheese campaign

Jarlsberg cheese gives movie fans a whole new take on their favourite films, with three new videos of classic dinner scenes shot from an entirely new angle.

Created by Stockholm and Amsterdam-based creative agency, Perfect Fools, this new take puts the focus firmly on the food, with every detail from the movies lovingly recreated.

The spots are shot from above in the style popular on Instagram. The first invites viewers to forget about the argument over faking it, because the deli sandwiches are the stars in “I’ll have what cheese having”.

The videos can be found here: (I’ll have what cheese having) (Ma’s midnight pasta), (highly nutritious mac n cheese).

Ma’s spaghetti is in the frame in “ma’s midnight pasta” when three wiseguys plan their next move.

In the final episode of the franchise it’s the mac ‘n cheese that gets the attention in “Highly nutritious macaroni and cheese” as Christmas is celebrated home alone.

Each film include subtitles that show how to recreate these classic dishes at home.

There’s also a new ‘The Food Angle’ Cookbook which gives fans a whole new way to immerse themselves in film. Inspired by the top titles from IMDB, the cookbook features 10 mouthwatering recipes taken directly from movie classics of all genres.

The campaign is designed to raise awareness of the brand among younger audiences as well as film lovers and foodies alike. It aims to encourage them to share and recreate the dishes themselves.

It will be supported by Facebook and Instagram seeding as well as international PR. Key markets are the US, UK and Australia.

Amelia Dale, copywriter at Perfect Fools, said: “Epic food scenes rarely see the dish take centre stage, but food is intertwined with popular culture, so we’ve put the dishes under the spotlight and made them the scene stealers.”

Bjarte Leknes Frøyland, digital coordinator for Jarlsberg at TINE Export adds: “Jarlsberg wants to connect with younger audiences and demonstrate the versatility of its Cheese. What better way than to put the Hollywood spotlight on food dishes from famous films, and inspire existing and new customers to recreate these fabulous dishes.”

Previous Jarlsberg work created by Perfect Fools includes a global platform, localised for key markets, an online-film recipe series entitled “Sandwich Shorts”, and the “Make a Sandwish” competition with celebrity chef, Ben Bayly.