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“Vote Rump for GBK’s burgers” / YOU Agency

by on October 3, 2016 in featured item, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use

“Vote Rump for GBK’s burgers”  / YOU Agency

YOU Agency’s latest advertising campaign for Gourmet Burger Kitchen (GBK) has gone live nationwide. The new ‘Vote Rump’ campaign, which was developed, planned and booked by the integrated advertising agency, aims to reinstall the belief and perception that GBK is the original premium burger joint in the UK, by tapping into the global hot topic of the U.S presidential election.

YOU answered the brief from GBK, which asked for a communications strategy to regain thought leadership having been the original premium burger joint in the UK since 2001. Due to dozens of new entrants in the UK market it needed to leverage its brand further to cut through the noise.

YOU’s creative hive then came up with the ‘Vote Rump’ campaign, aimed to play on the fact that GBK’s burgers are so good they could get voted as a party candidate for the U.S election, with the strapline – Vote Rump, our thickest burger ever.

YOU Agency have developed the creative idea further with payoff lines, such as;

  • ‘It’s a no-brainer’
  • ‘It’s really rich and incredibly cheesy’
  • ‘It’s a bit of an arse’

GBK loved the idea so much they are going to market with a specially developed Rump Burger in all of their 78 restaurants for the course of the campaign.

The ads come off the back of YOU’s previous GBK campaign; ‘Burgers so good they could turn a vegetarian’, which ran in early 2016 and garnered over 1bn impacts and worldwide publicity all for a mere £100k budget. This campaign promises to deliver a similar level of talk-ability, using the same core strategy – GBK’s tremendous belief in the quality of its burgers.

Gary Grant, Managing Director at YOU Agency, comments: “This was an exciting challenge to write that elusive ‘second novel’ of an ad, but with our integrated agency creative process I think we’ve managed to match it.  It is designed to be topical, fun and shareable – spreading the word about GBK’s amazing burgers.  We are proud of the hard work that has gone into this and feel its representative of the quality of work that we produce on a daily basis.

“At YOU Agency we pride ourselves on our ability to think of a concise idea that is an inch wide and a mile deep. This enables us to then implement it across all of our service offerings. We are a truly integrated agency, offering media buying, digital, social, marketing and creative. It means we can offer our clients a true 360 degree communication strategy that is targeted across the complete marketing mix.”

Erin Kennedy, Marketing Director at Gourmet Burger Kitchen, comments; “Sometimes it’s the simplest ideas that are the most effective, and our new Vote Rump campaign is a prime example of that. At GBK we never take ourselves too seriously so humour was always going to play a big role in this campaign – we hope people enjoy the ads, as much as the Rump Burger itself.”

The ‘Vote Rump’ campaign will appear nationwide, with a particular focus on TfL spaces, digital and interactive mobile formats and one 48 sheet perfectly positioned at the exit of Westminster Station.

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