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Are you making the most of PR opportunities at conferences and exhibitions? … Clareville

by on December 7, 2016 in Digital Marketing, Events & Awards, Latest News, Lead Article, Lead story, News you can use, Nuggets, PR

Are you making the most of PR opportunities at conferences and exhibitions? … Clareville
How can an exhibitor make the most of the PR opportunities created by conferences and exhibitions in which they are taking part?

The Clareville team with 30 years of experience working with exhibition organisers and exhibitors have been reflecting on the lessons we have learned and why some companies do not achieve the maximum results they could.

Here are a few points to remember or consider

Start planning early – at least 3 months before the event –

Preview features about the show, exhibitor PR pages on the show website, even the first day’s edition of a Show Daily newspaper all have deadlines or are open for editorial. So it is worth researching these as soon as the stand is booked.

Look at the show organiser’s PR advice and forms ASAP – and respond by the deadlines

As part of their exhibitor guides, many organisers include advice on PR opportunities and often request information so they can include exhibitors in their news outputs or media conversations. These could include press conference facilities which will soon be booked at prime times.

Plan at-show PR objectives and ideas well in advance

Attending conference sessions and press briefings, journalists’ diaries at events are very busy – and many also have to write up news and post it online while at the show. So if you want to arrange a press conference or one to one briefing with the CEO, you need to have a good strong genuine news story or insight into market trends and to start planning early.

Press Packs for the show

It is worth seizing the opportunity to display press material in the show Press Office. There is no need to produce pages and pages.  A single printed news release in a clear folder is sufficient, provided that it features a strong news story, clearly written and well presented in a single page, with links to download copy, background details and photography and contacts for further information. Remember that if you only provide a USB, the journalist cannot read the story without loading and opening it.

  1. Keep some press packs on your stand and visit the press stands

Many of the media who are partners have their own stands at a show so it can be a good idea to visit the stand and deliver a press pack.

These are just a few of our tips. @Clareville We would be happy to tell you more.  To find out more about our conference and meetings sector experience please contact Chris Lewis on +44 (0) 020 7736 4022 or


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