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S4M enables mobile targeting at the world’s 30 most frequented airports

S4M, a mobile ad tech company announces its new capability to target more than 30 million airport travellers each week. Using enriched geo-localised user behavioural and contextual data, the company can now help brands boost their presences in the top 30 airports around the world.

“Consumers tend to deviate from their usual daily behaviours when travelling, and the only constant is their smartphones. Our goal is to reach people while they’re in transit, whether they’re tourists or business travellers, even when they are away from their everyday routines,” explains Christophe Collet, S4M CEO. “Brands that can deliver tailored, relevant messages to their consumers even when they are hundreds of kilometres from home, are truly transforming mobile advertising into a valuable service”.

S4M’s geofencing technology helps advertisers analyse and understand mobile user profiles at airports. The company combines anonymous mobile device identifiers with GPS coordinates, device language settings and online periods. This unique mix provides advertisers with more insights into their consumer behaviours and offers a new opportunity to engage with them at airports.

“Airports are more than just a transit area, it presents a huge opportunity for brands to engage with consumers. The smartphone is an extension of the individual so it is a must-have touchpoint when creating fully integrated brand experiences,” continues Christophe Collet. “Advertisers should be combining the ever presence of the mobile medium with real-time geolocation at airports to deliver seamless customer journeys.”

For example, Hartsfield–Jackson Atlanta International Airport sees over 100 million travellers pass through its gates in one year, presenting a significant opportunity to engage mobile consumers during business and leisure travel. With more than two thirds of air travellers coming from middle to high income brackets, according to figures from the World Bank. This presents an opportunity for companies in the UK and US to leverage S4M’s fully accredited platform to engage with affluent audiences. Demographics such as luxury brand shoppers, digital high-tech users, high end car buyers and business travellers can be reached in a duty-free setting via mobile. Luxury brands such as L’oreal have already used S4M’s technology to run successful cross-country campaigns.

According to the latest figures from the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), international tourists account for 1.2 billion individuals in 2015. This figure will grow to 1.8 billion by 2030. Brands must not overlook the economic opportunities with these travellers and should turn to mobile devices to standout in these high competitive airport spaces.