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Jaywing announces launch of marketing product suite powered by AI technology: Jaywing Intelligence

Today Jaywing has announced the launch of a new product suite that uses Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Virtual Reality (VR) technology across a wide range of marketing applications.

Jaywing Intelligence will enable marketers to make much faster, fully informed commercial decisions through technology that harvests, processes and analyses data. It uses machine-learning to make automated real-time marketing decisions using advanced mathematical algorithms. Jaywing Intelligence also uses Virtual Reality for data visualisation to help bring complex analysis to life. To find out more visit

The product suite is available now and already being used by more than 15 clients across a variety of sectors, including Sky, ITV, Anytime Fitness Australia and KPMG.

Jaywing Intelligence comprises three components: data collection, intelligence and automated real-time decisions.

Data is collated across multiple online and offline sources, including interactions and transactions, such as viewing a web page, adding an item to a basket, purchasing an item or basket value, replying to a tweet, viewing a display ad or clicking a Google AdWords link. It is also able to collate competitor pricing data and search results.

The intelligence algorithms then analyse the data, crunching through large-scale data sets comprising billions of data points to produce deep insight and intelligence, which can be viewed and interacted with using Virtual Reality.

This insight and intelligence can then used by the Artificial Intelligence decision engine to deliver automated real-time marketing decisions..

Jaywing cites wide-ranging applications for Jaywing Intelligence, such as driving real-time pricing changes in response to competitor pricing or an individual’s price sensitivity. Other applications include intelligent approaches to lapsers, crisis PR, Pay Per Click advertising, social advertising, display advertising, attribution, influencer marketing and more.

Marketers will be able to access Jaywing Intelligence at a range of price points and functionality levels delivered as software, dashboards, a managed service or via an API. In addition, Jaywing will assist with implementation and integration with legacy systems and processes.

Rob Shaw, CEO UK & Australia, commented, “With one in ten of our seven-hundred employees being a heavyweight data scientist, we’ve been able to captialise on almost twenty years of heritage in using advanced mathematics to solve client challenges and today’s processing power to bring to the market a revolutionary product suite that has a multitude of marketing applications.

“The launch of Jaywing Intelligence marks the integration of technologies acquired as part of the acquisition of Bloom last year and existing marketing products created by Jaywing’s Data Science team. The combination of these technologies and the skill of the Bloom and Jaywing Data and Computer Scientists has resulted in further development to create a new and enhanced set of services that we are very excited formally to bring to the market.”

Alex Craven, MD of Jaywing Intelligence explained, “The proliferation of data has presented marketers with many challenges and often a skills gap to make best use of it. Jaywing Intelligence uses the latest data science techniques to reduce the complexity of marketing by automating and delivering greater insight and real-time decisions. Its advanced data visualisation and easy-to-use interfaces deliver unique insight and marketing capabilities across all channels.

“While there are emerging AI products on the market, few have the breadth of application or are delivered at price points that make them accessible to any but a few organisations. Because Jaywing is a truly collaborative company with many deep specialisms in marketing, we’re able to apply all our collective smarts to the real issues marketers face.

“We firmly believe AI and Jaywing Intelligence in particular is a superb enabler that will help free marketers from the complexity and often mundane tasks of execution to spend more time thinking strategically and creatively.”

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