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Two-thirds of Australian betting turnover is done digitally

by on June 12, 2017 in Entertainment, featured item, Gamification, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

Two-thirds of Australian betting turnover is done digitally

A new report from UBS has shown that 65% of betting in Australia is now done online and shows the importance and success of marketing that these companies have shown.

In the six months until the end of December 2016, the share of bets placed through online bookmakers grew 23% on the same period in the following year while bets placed in physical stores fell by 6%.

Grow despite problems

This is perhaps more impressive when you consider there were some issues during the period with Australian-licensed operators being forced to suspend operations in September for in-play sports betting.  In-play had already proven very popular and some had seen a tripling in turnover in this area since they launched their various apps.

Many of the companies currently offering apps and websites for sports betting are internally known brands and these account for some 65% of all betting app downloads.  App downloads is also a good indicator for market share with a correlation between the number of times a bookmaker’s app has been downloaded and the share of the betting market the same company holds.

How marketing has played its part

At the heart of how this kind of growth has been possible is the way that these companies market themselves to betting fans and casual dabblers alike.  One example is the sponsorship deal for the PGA of Australia with Ladbrokes.  The deal sees the company become the chief sponsor of the PGA in Australia tour as well as the Pro-Am Series and the Legends Tour.

The deal offered a huge boost to the local game but also associated the bookmaker firmly in the minds of fans with their sport.  This means that grass roots investment in the game was possible while the company placed its name in front of everyone who watched, attended or read about the tour.

Rewarding players

Bonuses and loyalty schemes are nothing new but the online betting world has taken to them and now uses them as strong marketing techniques.  Matched betting, for example, has been widely instituted by online bookmakers – bet a certain amount and the bookmaker will match it, usually with a cap in place.  This entices new players to put money into their betting rather than just play on free games and incentivises them by doubling the amount they have to play with.

Special bonuses and reward schemes for repeat players are another way that online betting sites entice players to continue to place bets through their website.  VIP schemes reward players for money places on any sport and the more they bet, the higher up the table they move.

This opens up new rewards such as enhanced customer services, extra bonuses and even free gameplay in real money games.  All of this is aimed at thanking players for sticking with the site.

Embracing trends

At one time, betting was seen as something that men did, often older men.  But this has changed as casino games have become easy ways to attract players of all ages and genders.  The use of imagery associated with trends and popular TV shows or movies helps to entice players with something familiar and then the bonuses and welcome packages complete the process.

Making a brand into a personality is another trend that online betting sites have adopted, creating imagery, adverts, slogans and other branding elements that make them more than just somewhere to place a bet.  From TV ads to social media campaigns, online bookmakers have taken to the best of online marketing with enthusiasm and are seeing the benefits.  The clever use of social media also means that they can create brand ambassadors who happily share their latest offer or bonus or talk about their newest game to encourage others to try their site.


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