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How is technology changing the sales team? … by Gemma Baker, Click4Assistance

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How is technology changing the sales team? … by Gemma Baker, Click4Assistance

As we move further into the digital age there are four main B2B sales roles identified by Forrester Research that will be impacted by technology.

There will be a dramatic decrease in Order Takers; these will be replaced with self-service portals.

Take McDonalds as an example, when walking into one of their restaurants customers are now presented with self-service kiosks, where they can order via touch screens that are fully loaded with the fast food chain’s menu.

The only interaction with a customer service representative is when the buyer collects their food.

Online customers no longer have to interact with customers service representatives to place their order; it can all be done via the company’s website.

Forms including Click4Assistance smartContact are fully customisable, therefore can be designed and updated to the organisation’s requirements, including information gathered for taking orders.

Sales Navigators will see a decrease as they are replaced with tools and integration that streamline procurement. Industries can have their own marketplaces that procurement teams consult to find suppliers for their specific needs, rather than research across multiple provider sites themselves, reducing the time involved acquiring a product / service.

Another role that will see a significant decrease is Explainers, instead organisations are investing in sophisticated websites, content and distribution using automation, reaching more customers and answering their enquiries quicker.

According to Andy Hoar, Principal Analyst at Forrester Research “One million jobs will be displaced by 2020.″

With lower skilled roles being replaced with technology, this increases the need for higher skilled individuals – Sales Consultants. They are more valuable to the buying cycle as they can demonstrate their expertise on each customer situation, using their knowledge of the product / service to advise the buyer.

Ensuring Sales Consultants are Contactable

It is important that sales consultants are able to advise visitors at any stage during the buying cycle. Whilst buyers are on your website it is ideal for them to contact consultants via live chat software on the website as they are instantly connected to the sales professional. This reduces the chance of them getting distracted or frustrated when they divert their attention to another a method of communication.

Live chat software gives consultants the ability to advise multiple buyers in one-to-one chats at the same time.

They can gauge where they are in the buying cycle and the complexity of their implementation, allowing the sales professional to judge whether they can answer their enquiry via chat or need to escalate it to a consultation call or meeting.

The technology has been introduced into B2B companies to increase productivity of staff members whilst helping to save resources. Whether that is making the most out of limited reserves or being able to make cuts in certain areas whilst chat sufficiently covers the decline and being able to reallocate the resource elsewhere.

As technology is becoming efficient at covering lower skilled roles, it should push professionals to achieve the skills they need in higher skilled roles. Companies are already benefitting from integrating technology including live chat software into their businesses to engage more meaningfully with their potential customers whilst providing them with a great customer experience.

How has your sales team dynamic changed as technology has been introduced, have you seen an increase in a need for higher skilled individuals? Mention your experiences in the comments section.

Author Bio: Gemma Baker is the Marketing Executive for UK live chat software provider, Click4Assistance, with a range of digital knowledge within PPC advertising, SEO practices, email campaigns and social media.


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