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Digital rewards : SwiftReceipt launches to revolutionise receipt validation in the UK

Latest :  SwiftReceipt, the fastest digital receipt validation service in the UK, launches today with a promise to revolutionise the service for shoppers and brands alike.

Backed by integrated service agency, Granby, bespoke technology validates customer redemptions in less than an hour – and as little as 15 minutes – delivering digital rewards (for example cinema codes) instantly, with the ability to dispatch physical ones within 24 hours.

SwiftReceipt removes the need for outdated on-pack codes, instead simply asking customers to upload a photo of their till receipt to a mobile-optimised, branded microsite for validation.

For today’s digitally minded shopper who demands instant gratification, it is fast, effective and reliable. For brands in many shopping categories – from drinks and household goods to impulse purchases and food – it offers the chance to quickly satisfy demand, delighting the customer and breeding loyalty.

SwiftReceipt’s speed outstrips its competitors. The service also offers a best-in-class data capture mechanism. Brands will be armed with important information about shopper trends, making it easier to retarget customers and cross-sell multiple brands and categories.

Meanwhile, the technology’s compliance with ISO27001, GDPR & EU data protection legislation, and access to full campaign analytics and reporting, will also help brands accurately and compliantly grow databases and track ROI.

SwiftReceipt offers both an out-of-the-box solution for single-purchase reward claims, getting campaigns off the ground quickly, and bespoke solutions for more complex needs, such as multi-brand, multi-buy or threshold-spend solutions.

Joanne Kimber, MD at Granby, said: “Digital receipt validation has been taking shopper marketing by storm for several years, but hasn’t offered instant redemption – until now. Consumers are less likely to take the time to complete complex redemption processes these days. They want everything quickly, and brands know it. SwiftReceipt is a gamechanger. Not only is it easy to set up, but brands will have access to more accurate data, aiding tracking and making ROI easier to prove.”

For further enquiries about SwiftReceipt, please contact Acuity PR:

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About SwiftReceipt

SwiftReceipt is the fastest digital receipt validation service in the UK. Our simple SwiftReceipt platform allows you to run a promotion without the need for outdated on-pack codes.

Our clever technology allows your customers to easily upload a photo of their shopping receipt to your own dedicated microsite. SwiftReceipt’s technology then instantly validates the receipt and your customer is rewarded in minutes.

Digital receipt validation is the latest shopper marketing trend taking the retail industry by storm. It’s a great way to data capture important information about your shoppers, retarget customers and cross-sell across multiple brands and categories and retain customers in an age where customer loyalty is hard to come by.

SwiftReceipt gives your customers the instant gratification they crave, we ensure digital rewards will be received with 1hr, and physical rewards will be despatched within 24hrs via our in-house fulfilment service.

Get in touch with the team on 01254 682 702 to see how we can help you with your next promotion.