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The advantages of Customer Feedback

by on November 16, 2017 in Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets

The advantages of Customer Feedback

What is a customer feedback terminal?
A customer feedback terminal is a device used for collecting or tracking feedback from customers or employees.

Modern customer feedback terminals are touch screen electronic kiosks equipped with keyboards and high-speed processors which enable organisations to collect and analyse feedback data from their customers on a continuous basis.

It is an administrative tool that can be designed to create questionnaires, forms or any kind of feedback to match the company’s brand and style. 

Customer feedback terminals are placed at point of service locations where customers can send their moment of service experience to the organisation in real time. They can also be incorporated into online touch points such as company websites, social networks, live chats, emails and customer newsletters.

Uses of customer feedback terminals

One important use of custome feedback terminals is in the assessment of service or product quality. Customer reviews have a significant impact on purchasing decisions and negative customer reviews can send sales figures spiralling downwards.

With the advent of social media, customer feedback has never been easier to obtain. Customers are now happier to communicate their experience to businesses and it is convenient for them to do so directly through online feedback terminals which do a great job of this.

Many consumers place more importance on their service experience than price. Some are willing to pay more for a product or service provided by an organisation that provides superior customer service. They are also more likely to stay with an organisation which addresses customer concerns. Customer feedback terminals are a great way to assess customer experience and evaluate the quality of the service being provided.

Customer feedback gives great insights into what customers really want and the feedback terminal is an excellent tool for determining this. A customer feedback terminal provides actionable feedback immediately and the results can be evaluated instantly. With the information obtained, an organisation can determine how successful their product or service has been and they can make necessary adjustments in order to meet customer expectations.

The customer feedback terminal is also a useful tool for measuring the success of customer advertising campaigns. Customer marketing success metrics are obtainable from the feedback provided through the terminals.

In general, customer feedback terminals have been successful in helping organisations improve service quality, attract new customers and increase sales.

When organisations improve service delivery as a result of feedback obtained, customers are happier and this keeps them coming back.

A strong, loyal and satisfied customer base is a good indication that the organisation is doing the right things.

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