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10 most popular Android apps in the UK

by on August 23, 2018 in Digital Marketing, Gamification, Latest News, Lead Article, Mobile/Tablet, News you can use, Nuggets, Rock 'n Roll

10 most popular Android apps in the UK

With more than two billion users on its books, Android is easily the world’s most popular mobile platform. And a big part of its appeal are the excellent apps it offers.

Here are the most popular apps currently available to download in the UK, showcasing not only the best that Android has to offer, but also the trends and tastes that are shaping the marketplace at the moment.



Like all the best games, takes a simple concept and makes it as engaging and entertaining as possible. The main aim is to move a black hole around a three dimensional cityscape and absorb whatever objects come into contact with it.

As your black hole grows, it becomes more powerful and can engulf larger and larger objects, including entire buildings. With a multiplayer mode available via Bluetooth, it’s a great party game for friends to play together, as well as being an entertaining solo experience.


  1. Premier League Official App

Perhaps unsurprisingly this app is the second most popular Android offering in the UK at the moment, with the new season encouraging people to keep up to date with the latest news, statistics and gossip from the world of top level football.

It’s also the app of choice for people who run a Fantasy Premier League team, and it’s endowed with historic data stretching back almost three decades so that you can brush up on your knowledge of classic fixtures.


  1. Casumo

It may not be as well known or widely downloaded as its rivals, but Casumo’s app has been growing in popularity thanks to its compelling design and extensive features. The app allows you to play casino games on your mobile device while you are out and about, including hundreds of slots games that let you win real cash.


  1. Word Link

Word games are ten a penny on Android, but the current frontrunner in this crowded marketplace is Word Link. It keeps players coming back for more by offering them daily rewards, while appealing to anyone who loves language and wants to get better at using it.

One of the other selling points of this app is that it doesn’t require a network connection to play; you can be in the middle of nowhere without Wi-Fi and still enjoy hours of entertainment.


  1. Tomb of the Mask

With its retro-inspired graphics and frenetic gameplay, Tomb of the Mask is an amazing throwback to a bygone era of gaming that can be enjoyed on the latest Android smartphones.

It’s a little like a supercharged version of Pac-Man, but rather than sticking with the same maze layout each time, every labyrinth you encounter is generated randomly. This means that no two play sessions will be the same and you can get something new out of the game whenever you fire it up.


  1. Hello Stars

This physics-based puzzler takes a common premise but elevates it to new heights by having players try to annoy stick figure characters with their antics.

The graphics are simple, as is the gameplay. But with inventive scenarios and some hilarious results to enjoy, it’s able to stand out from the crowd and be worthy of a download.


  1. YouTube Music

This recently released app is designed to capitalise on the popularity of using YouTube to watch music videos and listen to the latest tunes.

It’s a great place to encounter hot hits, as well as more obscure offerings. Playlists make it possible to discover new artists and there’s a premium version of the app that comes with no ads to worry about and the option to download tracks for offline listening sessions.


  1. Helix Jump

Gorgeous graphics and an uncomplicated control scheme make this the ultimate physics puzzler. You just need to get a red ball through a spiralling maze by tapping on the screen and gradually improving your skills.


  1. Manchester United Official App


One of the world’s most popular football teams is climbing up the Android app chart at the moment as the new season gets underway.

It’s essentially a more focused, in-depth version of the Premier League app, with a full array of multimedia content, player stats, fixtures and news relating to Manchester United.


  1. Wish

This shopping app provides major discounts on popular products. It has built up over half a billion users around the world and continues to impress with its savings.



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