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5 ways to increase your website traffic … exclusive

by on August 31, 2018 in Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, Mobile, News you can use, Nuggets, Startups, Tech, Websites

5 ways to increase your website traffic … exclusive

If you are a business person or a marketer, one of the greatest achievement you can have in your website is a constant flow of traffic. When you are getting many views and hits, chances are, you are increasing your customer reach.

The challenge always comes in knowing how to get the traffic you desire, and how to keep the customers in your site. Some of the top five ways to increase your website traffic include:

1. Search Engine Optimization (S.E.O)

Optimizing your content for search engines can help in boosting your organic traffic. The basic way of doing this is including the keyword(s) in the content title, header tags, meta description and body of the article. The key words guide the search engine on what your website is all about.

When users search the engines, they find you. To get it right, focus on long-tail key words that could help the engine filter out your site even better. For instance, if you are selling a variety of mugs, instead of using the key word ‘mugs’ all over your content, why not specify and try :”photo customized mugs” to direct your potential clients to your site. Longer keywords also give you better rankings

2. Pay Per Click (PPC)

This is one of the best ways to promote your business to a large audience who may not be familiar with your activities. For PPC, you choose who to share the content with. If you are using social networks like Facebook, you can choose people based on their location, jobs, or interests. Google allows you to get target audiences based on their browsing activities.

To use it, you place advertisements in the margins of search engine result pages, and the ads lead people to your website. You have to use keywords that describe your business and you only pay when a user clicks on your ads.

3. Buy business leads

To increase traffic to your website, you may consider purchasing a list of business contacts. There are many applications and websites that identify direct phone numbers, email addresses of people who may be interested in your products or services.

Depending on the reach of your company, you can even buy global business leads and have a larger number landing to your site.

In order to ensure you are working with a reliable business leads generating company, then it is always worth checking out reviews on established sites, for example a review for Pro2Pro owned by Dr Len Schwartz is available to view online.

4. Email marketing

Once you have an email list of potential clients, you can send messages asking for business or reviews. The emails can also be a tool of informing customers of new products, or reminding them of a brand. This is a traditional method of digital marketing, but it works in improving your business.

Not only will you be getting new clients, but you also be strengthening customer loyalty. It is cheaper compared to traditional mail, and you can also track how many people are coming to your site from the email links.

5. Online advertising

Promoting your website business to get to a wider audience requires you to search for websites and other online platforms that can allow you to showcase either the URL of your site, or a banner that will lead the audiences to your site. You can use online directories, or social media sites that give a platform to set up a page where clients can find your site.

In this digital era where there are billions of businesses in the cyber space waiting to be explored, you should create an edge for yourself. The trick is to understand your audience needs, know where to find them in the online space, and package your site in a way that both of you can find each other easily.

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