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Why a car can be the ultimate offline marketing tool .. exclusive

by on August 17, 2018 in Advertising, Business, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, PR, Small Business, Startups

Why a car can be the ultimate offline marketing tool .. exclusive

Company cars can serve many purposes and in addition to allowing you and your reps to move around, they can also be used as a marketing tool. Branded cars are so common that we often fail to realize we’re surrounded by them.

However, so many businesses wouldn’t be using them if they weren’t efficient. In this article, we’re going to explore some of the reasons why a car can be the ultimate offline marketing tool regardless of the type of business you are in.

Adds a Measure of Legitimacy to Your Business

Imagine a contractor showing up to provide a service. If they show up in their own vehicle, there may be doubt as to their legitimacy. If they show up in a branded vehicle, it is obvious that the driver is associated with the business. Your delivery drivers not only promote the brand while making runs but are recognized immediately as legitimate deliveries.

Branding a car also shows that the business itself is serious. If you wrap your only van or car in a branded advertisement for the business, it can give people the impression that you are part of a larger fleet. Your brand will be considered on par with larger firms in this regard.

In addition to advertising, you can also consider car leasing to meet clients or attend trade shows. Now you’re promoting your business to potential clients riding in the vehicle and to everyone who sees it for a fraction of the cost of a formal advertising campaign. Car leasing can also be a lot cheaper than you may have thought.

Use it as a Moving Billboard

When you have a branded car, it is promoting your business everywhere you go. When you’re stuck in a traffic jam, you’re promoting your brand and your product or service to everyone else in this high-traffic area. (This is why you want to brand the back of the car as well as the sides.) When the car is parked in front of a client’s office or home, the car is advertising the fact that you are serving that area.

If you wrap a car you already drive for business, you’re actually adding value to the vehicle that you’re already paying gas and insurance for. And branded advertising on a car captures people’s attention the way yet another billboard may not, since it is often right in front of them. You’ll promote your business continually, whether you’re stuck in a restaurant drive-through or meeting someone for a business lunch.

Communicate Information

You could recite a web address or phone number in a radio commercial or list it on a business directory. However, your car can share all of this information at once to anyone looking at it. There’s the business name and logo at a minimum. If you want to list your website domain and/or phone number, you can. Unlike other media, people may be staring at it long enough to memorise it or they’ll eventually remember it due to the sheer number of impressions it makes. Or they can take a picture of your rolling business card with their smartphone so that they have it when they want it.

Using your vehicle as a marketing tool is incredibly effective. They’re a powerful marketing tool for small businesses trying to build their brand and expand their customer base in a given area.

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