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Download this new eBook : The essential guide to content personalization

by on October 30, 2018 in Best advertising story, Digital Marketing, Latest News, Lead Article, News you can use, Nuggets, Small Business, Social Media, Startups

Download this new eBook : The essential guide to content personalization

This eBook has everything you need to know about content personalization – starting with the challenge: there’s way more content than quality online real estate.

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It includes:

  • An overview of Content Personalization
  • Facts: numbers, data and more good stuff
  • The science that drives online performance
  • A “How to Get Started” guide

Just fill out the form on this page to download the Essential Guide to Content Personalization!

Executive Summary

As much as 70% of the marketing content created by brands goes completely
unused as marketers struggle to find quality online real estate in which to display their content.

In addition, the proliferation of channels and information, an increasing variance in audiences, and fragmented data are all contributing to this major problem for content marketers.

The Solution: Content Personalization

Personalization is one way to boost ROI, and brands are already investing in it. In
essence, content personalization, also known as content targeting, is about
adapting what marketers can offer on an individual basis.

Why is it effective? Because the science behind personalization and choice
enables content personalization to counteract 3 psychological phenomena, all
related to the “paradox of choice”:

    • • It reduces “analysis paralysis” – overthinking that leads to inaction
      • It cuts the rate of horrible decisions – making a random decision due to the
      vast amount of information
      • It prevents user disorientation
    • ……………………………………
    • Key facts about content personalization:
      • Personalized content offerings, combining contextual and behavioral hints,
      increase conversions by up to 300%
      • Personalization helps marketers better understand the buyer journey: for
      example, our customers learned that up to 40% of conversions take place on
      pages without any forms
      • Personalization helps marketers generate online leads at a much lower cost –
      $3 to $6

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