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Microsoft Dynamics 365 Benefits For Business

This cloud-based umbrella solution boasts a variety of ERP and CRM apps, is being considered to be the future of enterprise software and claims to offer businesses significant benefits. So, what is so unique about it?

Microsoft is a major player in the business software market and currently commands a significant portion of the market considering that it has a suite of Dynamic apps that have been around for close to 25 years now.

With Dynamics 365, Microsoft is looking to change the game by rolling all the different functions a business could need into a single solution while freeing up the organization from the heavy burden of running and maintaining infrastructure by housing everything in the cloud.

The tech company says that Dynamics 365 is designed to be a gateway to digital transformation for businesses all over the world and vow that it will turn different business processes into advantages.

Let us have a look at what Dynamics 365 has to offer and how Microsoft is looking to drive today’s business processes into the 21st century.

Reduced Costs and Increased Flexibility

Dynamics 365 comes with a modular licensing model which means that users do not need to saddle themselves with monolithic app suites that they no longer use. Instead, they can choose the apps they need to build a tailored solution that fits their needs and requirements.

The great thing about Dynamics 365 us that it comes with a dedicated app store filled with Microsoft-approved plugins and extensions to help users tailor their solution even further to suit their industry-specific needs.

For instance, users can seamlessly integrate their business insights by utilizing tools like the Microsoft Power BI report builder, enabling them to create detailed visual reports and dashboards directly within the Dynamics 365 environment.

Given that it is a cloud-based platform, Dynamics 365 offer access flexibility too. Since it is web-based, all a user needs is an internet connection to connect and work with the suite; which means that teams can get things done anywhere and at any time. The more you know about 365, the more you can do and this is why you should utilise a resource like Use Dynamics

Native, Intelligent Insights

Rolling all your business processes together into a single solution is not just convenient, it could also help you get to know more about your organization. Dynamics 365 features Power BI, Microsoft’s artificial-intelligence-infused business intelligence, offering near limitless analytical and reporting power to business data.

Power BI has various dashboards which are all natively integrated into Dynamic 365 apps. That way, you can get all the information you need on one interface. Analyzing data collected from the entire Microsoft products stables, Power BI can offer actionable, cohesive feedback, visualize data in ways only limited by your imagination, and make predictions of new opportunities.

Boosted Productivity

Dynamics 365 breaks down data silos and allows business apps to share data creating a centralized system that gives your team access to all the information at a single point. Getting all the information about your business and its workflows will make it easier for users to work more intelligently and be more productive. A consolidated data bank as the foundation for all your apps also helps users avoid time-consuming processes like duplicate data entry.

Microsoft has, in recent years, been focusing a lot on AI, and now they are feeding back the tech into their Dynamics 365 apps and products. With in-built automation, Dynamics 365 can help with repetitive tasks whilst pointing users in the right direction when it comes to actionable data.

Improved Compliance and Security 

With all product infrastructmprovedure being off-site, ensuring that Dynamics 365 functions as it should, is secure and up to date is no longer your responsibility or that of your IT department. The company manages all back-end frameworks so you can rest easy knowing that you no longer have to worry about things like if your computer got the latest security patch installed.

Dynamics 365 security model ensures the privacy and integrity of your information and data. First, you will never lose your data considering that it’s safely backed up on the company’s secure cloud. Second, you have complete control over the information users can access, which means that your users will never have access to information they do not need to know when performing their responsibilities.

With Microsoft having data centers all around the world, your information won’t only be secure, but it will also be fully compliant with the local laws.

A Simpler Way Of Collaborating

Microsoft’s Dynamics 365 offers a more unified and user-friendly interface that provides teams with everything that they need to get the job done – no more transferring data across different programs, or flitting between apps.

The platform’s familiar “Microsoftesque” interface will also make user-adoption easier, especially when rolling out the solution.

A plus for Citizen Developers, the Dynamics 365 suite makes it easier for them to customize their solutions and to create new business apps with tools like Microsoft Flow. Cloud-based programs that help users quickly integrate other tools into Dynamics 365 like Microsoft Flow can offer you a way to design workflows that are based on third-party interactions. For instance, let’s say you’d like to implement a social listening policy in your marketing plan – by assimilating Twitter with the suite, you can create a workflow that brings new lead into your sales app any time someone tweets about a certain phrase or word.

The suite also comes with Power Apps, which is a new tool that gives users the ability to build mobile apps which meet their needs. Users can use this drag and drop app builder to create apps even without complex coding skills.

This way, users can customize their solutions to get the most out of the suite’s functionality.

Interestingly, the company is very keen on ensuring that all their products play nicely together, and 365 is the essence of hyper-connected software. The suite not only looks like its Microsoft relatives, but it also has some of their features, which means that you can create a document and track your emails within the interface.

With all your apps talking to each other and sharing information, 365 can do beneficial little things such as showing previous relationship and contact information when you get an email or remain you about adding appointments in your calendar when a customer requests to be contacted on a certain date.

Dynamics 365 also has unique native features that previously required third-party add-ons like click-throughs and tracking email opens.