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6 ways you can use promotional products to increase sales

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6 ways you can use promotional products to increase sales

Should a business use promotional products? Do they work?

The benefits of using promotional products for a company can never be overemphasised because they offer materials that enable the understanding of your products by potential clients. So, how can you use promotional products effectively?

 1. Define your objective

Before launching your advertising campaign, decide what you want to achieve through the exercise.

Many marketers fail at this stage because they do not drive the customer’s attention to the expected outcome. The aim may differ according to the company and the season.

For instance, if you recently opened a new branch, you can create promotional products to increase sales at the new location.

2. Go for good quality

Everyone appreciates items of good quality. You do not have to break the bank to give your potential customers products that they will use.

However, you should also think about the kind of merchandise you use for your promotional products because they can either give the impression that your image is trustworthy or otherwise.

Printed tote bags are always a winner!

3. Personalise the merchandise

Everyone values relationships with family members and friends. Therefore, make sure that your promotional products strategy considers such relations. The potential clients will treasure the item if it includes a personalised message.

If you are designing the products for a specific group, including their names will do wonders. Another way of customising the products is by researching the target market and knowing their backgrounds.

4. Use products that are relevant to your business

If the promotional product is related to your business, the recipient is more likely to remember your brand than when it is not. For instance, if you are promoting a hospital, it would make a lot of sense for you to give away branded hand sanitiser.

It will attract their attention more than if you were to use a branded pen. Likewise, a food business can consider giving away branded aprons.

5. Set a distribution plan

Systematically distribute the promotional products. For instance, you can email the recipients concerning the free items before an event. That way, they are likely to attend the event with the hope of getting the free items. Such a strategy will increase traffic at your event, which you can use to promote the product and get sales leads. 

6. Consider a re-gifting strategy

People do like it when they receive unused gifts, but re-gifting can be a great marketing tool depending on how you use it. All you need to do is to give one product with an inscription of the person’s relative or friend. For instance, it can read, “To my best friend” or “To my loving mum.”

That way, the recipient will feel the urge for gifting someone else with the gift. This means that two people will know your brand. The most popular way that this is done is with the use of promotional mugs.

Hope this piece will help you create an ideal marketing strategy when using promotional products. If you implement them with a focused advance, you will realize increased sales.

Only a few marketing means are as effective and cost friendly as using promotional merchandise.

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