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Five ways you can use promotional products

Promotional items people use daily such as pens, t-shirts, mugs, umbrellas, but with a brand’s name or logo imprinted on them.

Businesses use these products to market their brands, companies, and services.

There are various ways you can use promotional products. Such as;

1. Market your business at trade shows

If you want to expose your company, you need a better method that has a long-lasting impact on your clients. Promotional brochures and business cards are boring, and many people will soon dispose of the pamphlet and forget your business.

You also want to avoid setting up a stand and have nothing to offer to potential clients; they will just walk away. The secret to successful marketing at trade shows is to use promotional products.

Promotional products create a positive impression among prospective clients and help build loyalty. Freebies will make your trade show a success. Think of things such as customised pens, promotional mugs, stress balls and other useful products. A significant number of those that receive your gift will do business with you.

2. Gift your employees

Employees that show hard work deserve a reward for their exemplary performance. An imprinted trophy, branded pens, a mug or any other promo merchandise will make your staff feel appreciated. You can also use freebies to gift for events such as birthdays, holidays and when your company attains a milestone.

3. Create awareness to your brand, business or community

Organisations, churches, schools, sports teams and others can use promo products for various events including fundraisers. Participants who wear your brand’s t-shirt shows support for your brand.

Clients wear these products to show pride in your brand. So carry freebies to your community festivals and events. These products will serve as souvenirs reminding people of the fun they had at your event. This will encourage the people to attend your next event and remain part of your brand or organisation. Do not be surprised if they recommend you to their family and colleagues.

4. Cheap marketing for non-profit campaigns

If you have a course that you want to support, but you do not have sufficient cash to spend on advertising, then promo goods will do you right. Adverts via newspapers and social media will hardly help you develop a base of supporters. That is why promotional products are great for non-profits.

Freebies not only affordable, but they are also fun. You want to customise a product with your brand’s logo or name and gift it out. This way, you raise awareness and bond with those who take your freebies.

5. Gifts for major life events

People always feel great when they leave an even with a goodie bag. Think of life events such as family reunions, weddings and baby showers. You can make these occasions special with customised gifts for your guests.

Such giveaways help you, and the guests remember the special event. It is even more exciting for the host when you allow them to choose their giveaways. A couple will be happy when they can pick the perfect custom mug for their guests.


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