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How to build better relationships with your start-up employees

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How to build better relationships with your start-up employees

For small business owners, having the right people supporting and working with you is crucial for propelling your new company to further growth and success.

But, simply having the right people on your payroll alone isn’t enough; you need to build strong, productive relationships with these people and ensure that you’re on the same page if you want to achieve the business goals that you have set out for your brand.

Cultivating strong relationships with your team will boost productivity and improve workplace morale. We’ve put together some of the best ways for small business owners to better connect and build stronger relationships with their employees.

#1. Gather Feedback:

Conducting employee surveys is a popular choice amongst larger companies with big teams, however, they can be a useful tool for companies of all sizes.

Even if you only have a small team of workers in your employ, providing them with a survey to fill out in their own time is a great way to gather feedback and get a better insight into how they feel about their job.

Focus groups are also a great idea; sit down with your employees and ask them if they have any ideas and suggestions for improvement that you can work on in the future to make the workplace a better one for everybody.

The bottom line is that giving your employees a voice and welcoming their feedback is one of the best ways to build a stronger and more open relationship with them.

#2. Include Employees in Decision-Making:

Making sure that everybody is included in key business decisions is vital for many start-ups when it comes to moving forward towards further growth and success.

Everybody involved in your business should be working together in the same direction as a team, from the CEO to the lower-level employees.

Make sure that everybody who works for your company is kept aware of the business mission, goals, plans, and policies, and provide them with regular updates when these things change. Remember that the first team you hire are likely going to become future leaders and managers in your company.

#3. Get to Know Them:

Working together in a tight-knit, small team provides a perfect opportunity for business owners to get to know their employees on a personal basis, too. Whilst it’s great to keep everything professional in work, spending some time getting to know your team as individuals and learning about what makes them tick will surely help you form better relationships.

Being a ‘hands-on’ leader who isn’t afraid to have conversations about everyday issues and share a little bit more about themselves with employees is a great way to cultivate strong relationships.

#4. Encourage Team Building:

In addition to building strong relationships with employees yourself, encouraging good working relationships within your team can help you boost productivity levels and make it easier for everybody to work together well.

Team building events like these from Team Tactics are a fun and exciting way for your team to work together in a non-work environment, strengthening relationships, and building teamwork skills that can be transferred back to the office.

#5. Be Supportive:

Life is full of ups and downs, and when you are running a small business, you’re likely to have at least one employee go through a time of personal problems.

Family issues, health problems, financial worries and more can hinder anyone’s life at any time and being there for your employees when they experience problems in their lives will help you gain their respect and loyalty.

Building strong relationships with your employees is key to small business success.

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